Hello Everybody, from Alex in Holland

Hello, i’m Alex and just started on learning how to play the guitar.

Firstly i lend an old guitar from my brother in law with really old strings. After two days i decided to buy a cheap one to practice some more. I’m really having fun but the new guitar made me start over again cause i could’t play the A and D chord for some reason haha.

The next day it went a lot better! And i kinda like the pain in my fingers, is that weird?

Greetings to all and i hope you all have a lovely journey learning and playing the guitar.



Welcome aboard, Alex!

Sometimes we just need some time to adjust to a new guitar, they do play and feel different. Kind of normal. :slight_smile: Good luck and loads of fun while learning.

Cheers from a “german neighbour” - Lisa :smiley:

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Hi Alex and welcome. The pain goes after a while and it all gets easier as you go along. You are in the best place for this journey, lots of great, if slightly mad, people here that are really helpful. Enjoy

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Nah, you’re just one of the no pain, no gain crowd. :grinning:

Welcome, I never had picked up a guitar tilla few months ago, so you’re in good company. congratulations on your new journey.

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Welcome to the community. Learning guitar is such a great experience. Lots of challenges and just wait a little longer and you start to get the wonderful rewards. Very attainable to the every person as the various stories on here will attest.


Hi, Alex! Welcome and have fun with your new guitar. :slight_smile:

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Welcomd to tbe forum Alex

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Hi Alex, welcome to the community forum. With a few weeks of practice you will become use to the new guitar. Have fun learning to play songs on your guitar.

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Hi Alex, welcome!

I had strong pain in my little finger for like 3 months. Looking it up I found some stretching techniques.

At first, I enjoyed the pain of practice too, but when it began to hurt all day and never fade, I felt the guitar"Yoga" helped a lot to mitigate and prevent pain.

Here 2 Vids that I think have good excercises:

Guitar Yoga (My Secret To Lifelong, Pain-Free Playing) - YouTube

Hand Stretches & Exercises for Guitarists or any players - YouTube

You too have a great guitar journey!



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Hi Alex :smiley:
Wishing you lots of fun on your guitar journey too! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the vids, watching them now

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Hoi Alex,
Welkom hier and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
I loved the initial period with pain in my fingers … now I sometimes still have that a bit when I suddenly start playing for an hour + with a lot of finger bends in a row … then I know I’m doing something wrong and neater technique must do …

Greetings, Rogier … from Nijkerk

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Welcome to the group. :wave:

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Hi Alex and welcome to the forum :wave: All the best with your journey :slight_smile: :+1:

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Hello and welcome aboard Alex.

I hope you’ve now got your A and D chords sounding sweet.

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Welcome to the Community Alex.

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Hi Alex .Hope you are well. The way I play the A chord is at the 2nd fret is to use just two fingers. You bar the 4th string E and the 3rd string A with your 1st finger and the 2nd string C sharp with your second finger. You could try that. Whatever works. All the best

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Goeie Dag Alex.

Welcome to the forum. You made a great choice with Justin Guitar.


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It’s getting better now. I just keep practicing.
Thanks for the advice

Hi Alex, welcome. Getting the chords learnt again in the new guitar can be a good exercise. Later you may be able to switch guitars and play the same in one or the other. I think your pain in the fingers is just saying you that you have done a good job for the day and you should be already thinking in tomorrow’s practice. Don’t overdo it because tomorrow’s practice can become next week practice until your fingers heal. Have fun.