Hello everybody, Sweed77 finding the "new world"

Ok, got an email today announcing the new community. Might just be the kick I needed to get back in the game? For the first time since starting with Justin I’ve hit a bit of a wall the last few months. Playing a few songs and scales to keep my hands active, calluses hard, and muscle memory intact. Not sure why but haven’t had the “want\need” to properly practice. Maybe some burnout after playing\practicing every day for a long while? Lately been feeling like starting a new song and I think that is a sign that I’m about to get past this dry period. Then the email today, coincidence?

New community looks nice. I guess being old I now resist change (get off my lawn, lol) but I’ll adjust:)
It will take a bit to find my way around the new digs. How to import old AVOYP posts? What else to do to have things setup the way they were?

It is good to see a lot of familiar names as I look around. JG has always been one of the best communities I have had the privilege of belonging to. It’s great to see it continue to flourish and grow.

Happy Holidays everyone,


Sweed !!!

Fantastic to see you. you been keeping a low profile but great to see you here. Take a look around, it aint too different content wise just a different layout and hooks into the website a treat, so its pulling new punters in already. Lots of familiar faces as well , see Roadcases for starters.

AOVYP is part of the same group, so you can move stuff across if you want to,

Holler if you need owt !


Toby :sunglasses:

Good to hear from you again, Sweed.

My suggestion would be to create a RC and include in that a list of all your shared recordings with a link to each song. You can then update that list on a regular basis as you produce new recordings that would be shared in AVOYP as per usual.

Hope this event helps rekindle some mojo. And if you are still motivated to get back into an intense practice routine, then I hope you’ll be inclined to record and share some songs; always a treat

Great to see you around. We needed to hear from you sir! Pick up that guit-fiddle and bring forth the Sweed jams. :musical_note:

Alright, @Sweed is here as well; good to see you!

Yippee Sweed, or should I call you Snowden? has arrived. So glad. I hope this opens a fresh new chapter for you in making music.

It is good to see the new community site is bringing people together again!

Walls are meant to be torn down!

Thanks everyone for the nice welcome :sunglasses: Great to see the atmosphere hasn’t changed but then I didn’t expect it to.

Thanks Toby and DavidP for the suggestions on moving stuff over.

Maggie, we’re all friends here, call me anything you like :smiley:


In that case I may call you Lord Snowden. :smiley:

For those of you who have no idea of who I’m referring to, Lord Snowden was the husband of Princess Margaret. Princess Margaret was the sister of the currently reigning Queen Elizabeth of England. Here they are on their wedding day. He never mastered the royal wave :princess:


Perhaps those fingers are curled as he imagines himself finger-picking his favourites tunes rather than doing his royal duty :laughing:

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He was a photographer when he was plain ole Anthony Armstrong-Jones.

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No problem Sweed. Keeping an eye out for waifs n strays over there, plus chasing some of the old guard down who may not be signed up to the web site. The family don’t change just coz they move house. Same old same old. :sunglasses:

The funny thing is growing up in the US my name is quite unusual. As a child you begin to realize you’re the “only one” and when I would ask my Mom about it she would bring up Lord Snowden :slightly_smiling_face:

I do have Welsh and Irish ancestors but my name comes from my Dad’s side of the family, the Swedish side, go figure :confused: :question:

And no, I can’t do the royal wave either :laughing:

I’m just going to ask here since I can’t seem to find it…

How does one quote a post to reply to?

If you select the passage, click drag release, a ghost quote box appears. Click on that and it will automatically open and reply and drop it in. Does that make sense ?



Thought I had it. The preview post had your post quoted but when I posted the reply it came out without the quote? I’ll play around with it a bit and try again.

Testing one more time.

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He shoots he scores !!


Thanks Toby :laughing:

De nada !

For info if its an external source that you have coped use the " in the command list. You see a greater then sign followed by

remove the word and paste the text in. But if there are line spaces/paragraphs you will have to remove them as it will only add the first para in the quote box.

Url addresses like YT links can just be pasted in and the embed automatically and you can drag pics of your PC with all the mucking around of hosting on another site. Some good stuff here ! :sunglasses: