Hello everyone from Brian in Michigan

Like some others I’ve been reading the old forum for quite a while. Most of the questions I’ve had were already asked and answered by others, and being a beginner I wasn’t sure if I had much to contribute. So, I never registered. With the new community I thought I would go ahead and join.

I’m working through grade 4 right now. It’s been a slow process but I currently don’t have any plans to ever play outside of my home, so I’m not in much of a hurry. This is my first attempt at learning to play any musical instrument. Wish I would have started when I was younger, but, here I am. Just trying to have fun, keep making progress, and keep learning new songs. One of the things I’ve noticed since starting this course is how much my musical tastes have expanded. This site has introduced me to some music that I had never listened to and now enjoy.

So anyway, hello to you all! And thanks to everyone for your contributions and inspiration.



Good to meet you here, Brian, glad you’ve decided to join.

Just keep following the programme and having fun and the enjoyment will just grow and grow

Hey Brian, you always have something to contribute, regardless of your experience. When folk post recordings, it’s your attention and listening ear they want and there’s always something you can say as encouragement.

Welcome to the new community Brian.

Welcome Brian to the community.

Welcome to the Community Brian. Everyone can contribute in some way. You’re on grade 4 so you’ve completed the Beginner course and learned a lot and can share your experience of grades 1,2,3 with others.
And as @batwoman says it’s your ears that are needed when others post their music.

Hi Brian and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi Brain and welcome.

As Gordon says ( @sairfingers ) if you’ve got to Grade 4, I am sure you’ve pick up some do’s and don’ts. Seen what works and what sends you off down the rabbit holes. Just share you experience and pass it on to others, who follow in your footsteps. My main goal here and on the old forum, apart from enjoying the atmosphere and friendship, was/is/will be to help anyone from not making the same mistakes I did. Hopefully, that will help them learn quicker and become better players.
And as I have said many many times “its not a sprint, its a marathon” heck maybe an Ultra.

Good to see you here.



Hello, Brian. Good to see you dipping your toes into this new more expansive pond. Come on in, the waters fine. :diving_mask: :diving_mask: :guitar:

Hi Brian and welcome. Being a beginner and only a year in I felt like I had nothing to contribute, but all the cool people here have changed that. Hope to see more of you :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to the community Brian. I look forward to following your progress and listening to any advice and experience that you wish to share.

Welcome Brian, I’m new here myself although I’ve been using Justin’s lessons for almost a year. I have the same mindset, I don’t plan on performing either except for whoever may be in the house at the time I’m practicing (the dogs seem to enjoy it anyway). There is something liberating about just being able to play for one’s own enjoyment. I’m at the tail end of grade 1, in your experience how long did it take you to get to grade 4? I’m not in any big hurry but as iron sharpens iron so too can we as players motivate each other.

Welcome to the community Brian! It’s a snowing/sleeting/raining morning here in Michigan - a perfect time to spend practicing guitar.

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Hi Brian and welcome to the site.

Hello Brian, from here in the mitten too! I’m really new to playing guitar, so I look forward to learning from you!

Yes Tom, It sure was icky this morning, and I had a lovely commute in it for 40 minutes at 4 am :grimacing: I would have much rather been home with my guitar.

Jakers, that’s all we need-
another Brian! :roll_eyes:
Just kidding. Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride… and yes, definitely expand your musical horizons :smiley:

Well Mr L we could always revert to Brain for your good self to avoid confusion ! :rofl:

Hello and welcome to the community Brian. :slight_smile:

I suspect a lot of people on here wished they’d have started when they were younger. It angers me to think that I just didn’t commit when I was younger and where would I be now had I have done so.

It probably took me almost two years to get through grades 1, 2 and 3. I wasn’t really keeping track so that’s just an estimate. I wish my dog enjoyed my playing but he doesn’t seem to care for it much!