Hello Everyone! I'm Manuel from Murcia Spain

My name is Manuel, next thursday is my birthday (57). Like playing electric guitar, mine is a VIntage v52. I’m practicing almost everyday and I’m finishing grade 3 of the beginner course. My fretting hand is doing well but my right hand is not progressing the same.


Hey Manuel, welcome to the community, great to hear from you Hang in there, it gets better and it’s really worth the effort.

Lots of interesting topics on here and people to answer any guitar related questions you might have :smiley::guitar:

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Hola Manuel, bienvenido! As others have said you’ll find all the support you need here, although it sounds like you’re doing great :+1:

Welcome to the Community, Manuel. Keep at it slow and steady and you will develop the skills. It is not a simple thing. Many happy returns for your birthday next Thursday.

Hello and welcome Manuel. :slight_smile:

It’s the love that keeps us going and you will get there.

Welcome Manuel. As DavidP said keep it slow and steady and things will improve.

Hola Manuel, bienvenido. Just keep practicing the strumming patterns. At some point they will click in place. I’ve found Justin’s suggestions about practicing strumming with the strings slightly muted with the fretting hand useful for me. It’s like playing drums.

Hello Manuel, a warm welcome to the community. I had a V52 for a while and enjoyed it.
If you’re within Grade 3 and are recognising that you have some issues I would suggest you take as long as it takes to pause, address and rectify the issues you have with your strumming. Posting a video to the community will undoubtedly allow others to see and maybe help you out.
Richard :slight_smile: