Hello everyone, Koen from Belgium

Hello everyone, I’m Koen a 35 year old Belgian.
I started playing the guitar at the age of 16 for a couple of years and learnt the basics. For an unknown reason I stopped.
When I was 33 I picked up the guitar again and I’ve tried to improve my skills and knowledge on the guitar ever since.
I struggle a bit to put the time in and to practice in a focused way but I hope to change that by participating in communities a bit more.


Hello Koen and a very warm welcome to the community.

Welcome Koen! You’re going to find this community is fantastic for getting you excited to pick up your guitar and play, happens to me all the time even outside of my normal practice time. As a beginner myself, been playing since March, I find that the way Justin structures the lessons and practice routines is not overwhelming and even if I only have 5 minutes there’s something I can work on. Keep at it and welcome to the community!

Welcome to the Community, Koen. It’s an encouraging and supportive place to enable your progress.

Welcome Koen, your journey so far reminds me of mine before I found Justin. With dedicating some time and efforts you will be playing well in no time :wink: all the best.

Welcome, Koen. Justin’s website is a wonderful place to pursue your desire to play guitar. This corner of the site is where you will find the encouragement and enthusiasm, not to mention help, that will keep you company on your journey.

Welcome to the community Koen

Hi Koen, fellow Belgian! Also new here and I recognize a lot of your story in my own. Also here to become and stay inspired. Good luck and have fun!

Hi Koen! Finding the right material to work on might be all it takes to feel the drive to practice. Have fun with it!

Welcome Koen, I’m looking forward to hearing you progress. A small amount of time every day will bring results. If you can keep your guitar nearby it makes it more possible you’ll pick it up and play for a few minutes. Those few minutes add up over the day. If you want to post recordings this is for you Your recordings Koen

Hi, Koen. What people have been saying is true. A little and often is the way to go. I’m picking up my beautiful Epiphone 12-stringer after 10 years of non-playing, followed by 10 years of the guitar being up in the loft. How uncool is that.

But … with the fingertip soreness a distant memory, and with Justin’s video, I am doing a little and often on Here Comes The Sun, by The Beatles. Also Epiphone users ; -)). I’ve found over the past several months, that it’s never too late to pick up the guitar again.

Go for it, and per Justin’s advice … sing the songs that you like.

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’ve been on Justin’s website for a while though, but I’ve only just discovered the community possibility :slight_smile: :man_facepalming:

Hello and welcome Koen. :slight_smile:

Just practice when you can. As long as you continue to enjoy it, that is the main thing.

Hi Koen and Welcome

As the old saying goes, every little bit helps. Practice when you can for as long as you can but keep practicing and playing songs.