Hello everyone, Patrick from Germany

Hi everyone,

Im Patrick (41) from Germany. I started my guitar journey in Feb 2020, just before the Pandemic began, on my late father’s nylon string. I changed to a steel string pretty quickly, so my first guitar that I still play regularly is a beginner’s Fender CD-60 Dreadnought. After learning a lot thought Justin’s beginner courses I was very fascinated by the fingerstyle stuff in there, so I ditched the pick and started to exclusively fingerpick, also did (and do) online courses that teach fingerstyle.

At some point I wanted to learn fingerstyle blues on the acoustic, and that’s what I still mainly work on. I got me a Gretsch Jim Dandy parlour guitar, which I now play a lot.

I dabbled in playing electric (got a used Ibanez and a Katana 50 MKII), but I’m more in love with the acoustics. Maybe because I can do easily pick them up and start playing. I have three little kids age 3 - 7 who occupy a lot of my time, so my practice is a lot of playing in short bursts of 10-15mins. Progress is therefore slow, but steady.


Hey, and welcome.

I have a cd-60 too in black. :sunglasses:

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Welcome Patrick, good to meet you!
Nice that you’ve got a clear direction for your learning and know what you love doing. Even short bursts are still playing guitar which is the main thing.
Looking forward to hear more from you. :+1:

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Welcome, Patrick, sounds like you have found your path, love what you are doing, and short bursts is all good. Now I look forward to hearing some finger-style blues over in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hallo Was lauft?

Last time I lived in Germany was 1996 and rarely get the chance to speak it anymore in the USA lol. Thanks for introducing yourself Patrick. Interesting I feel the same way about acoustic. I have many electrics yet find it easier to grab an acoustic and start playing without the need to mess with gain and all settings on an amp. Justin’s guitar course is fantastic and the finger style method will take you a long ways. It is nice to see that you kept your same guitar from your father and kept playing, maybe in his memory. Looking forward to hearing you play. Check out our videos we post and see that we all help each other. Nobody here is polishing a grammy yet and we are all still learning. I am not shy to post my videos here. People are really supportive with feedback, Take it slow and you will see your progress. Take Care

Jeff from California

Hi Patrick, nice to have you here! I’m from Germany too and I also play a black Fender CD 60 SCE. Beautiful guitar! Didn’t come to the fingerstyle lesson yet, but hoping to get there soon. Enjoy your practice sessions, even when they are short! Every minute with the guitar is precious.

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Hi Patrick, welcome to the community. I have a grandson named Patrick and apparently i was conceived in Germany although I have no recollection of it.

I’m primarily a fingerstyle player and would love to know of any good fingerstyle blues lessons you’ve found.

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Servus, Herr Hof! (I see what you did there :wink:)
We’re going to have to start a separate ‘Fender CD 60’ thread :laughing:
Look forward to following your journey

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Yeah, I’m currently on vacation but using the opportunity to get feedback from others is why I finally introduced myself here. I’m looking forward to torturing you as soon as I’m home and find the time to record something!

Check out everything from Chris Murrin, he’s a decent guy and the lessons are great. He also posts a ton of free stuff on YouTube. I’m currently working through his blues courses.

Heh, someone noticed my overboarding creativity! :joy: BTW, my Fender is the “normal” one and not black, since they didn’t have that one in stock at the local music store. Doesn’t change how it sounds though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I feel you there. I’m on vacation right now and play from time to time on my Traveler Ultra Light Acoustic (my latest purchase and as of today, my most expensive guitar!) Even attaching my small Vox Amplug and putting in the earphones or a speaker feels like too much hassle already, so I more often than not just practice unplugged and strain my ears to hear something. :grin:

Hello and welcome aboard Patrick. :slight_smile:

I prefer my acoustic as well. Hopefully one day I will love my electric just the same.

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Hello Patrick.

Sounds like you’re making good progress and enjoying your journey. Slow and steady always wins the day, so short practice sessions won’t hinder you too much. So welcome to the community. Share your progress and playing and use folks here for advice when its needed.



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Thanks so much, will check it out.

Moin Patrick, wie geht’s…? Wow, after 2 years you give courses,…pretty amazing.
Machs gut und viel Spass… :wink:

Haha, where did you get that impression? I’m nowhere near teaching myself! You’ll see as soon as I come around to recording something for the audio/video sub. :grin:

my bad, misread you taking courses…lol

Hello Patrick, welcome to the community. Cheers, Richard :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick, Welcome to the community wow finger stile great going.