Hello everyone! Yuvan here

I’m new here. I have been using justin guitar for 2 years. And its pretty great. I’ve learnt scales, songs, made my own melodies etc. I’m here to introduce myself.
Here’s my story
The Pandemic
My mother encouraged me to learn guitar
I tried to find a guitar site I can learn guitar from and wasted about 1 month on that. Found an old video of justin.
Didn’t really trust him and ignored him for a few days since he looked like a teenager to me. :slightly_smiling_face:
I tried Your Guitar Academy No Acoustic guitar courses lessons were okay but not great. All their courses in my opinion focused on electric guitar.
I decided to give a go to justin guitar youtube videos. I’ve tried Andy Guitar, Guitartricks etc None of them worked. Enter Justin Guitar
A few minutes later I found his site.
I thought that there might be some paywall like Guitartricks, Andy Guitar etc.
NO. there wasn’t
I went on getting better, doing stuff, making melodies etc. Practicing the F chord which really is a F chord. etc
I been getting better and justin’s site has been too!
Lessons are now even better structured, Clear path for me to go, new revamps for courses etc.
A few months ago, I’ve been sending suggestions on the Justin guitar Grade 2 page (Discussions page now removed) (maybe available here) to improve the site experience. When the site got a new color scheme that is.
I gave suggestions to try to improve the dashboard the songs page etc. Just one line suggestions. Credit to the UI/UX designer and developers of justin guitar site.
I’ve asked to redesign the forum. Some people might have liked it but to be honest. It was probably the worst looking forum.
Now, its the best. :slightly_smiling_face:
So that’s my guitar story.
So, how was your guitar experience?


Good to hear you are making good progress here, welcome to the new community. I’ve been using justin guitar for about ten years now, great stuff in the early days and now great lessons for more advanced stuff.

Welcome to the Community, Yuvan. Good to read your experiences and look forward to hearing you play.

I too have had a great experience learning to play using Justin’s lessons and the support of the Community.

Hello and welcome Yuvan. :slight_smile:

I’ve never tried anybody else for learning. I was lucky and found Justin and started with him.

Hello @yuvanmichael welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Moderator

Hi Yuvan, you seem to be enjoying Justin’s teaching methodologies and getting results; that pretty normal here!
Enjoy joining in with the community, you will get plenty of advice, encouragement and support off us.

Woah! so many replies! thanks everyone for seeing my post and welcoming me in the community. And DavidP surely, someday I’ll post a video of me playing. When I feel ready.


Welcome, I just joined the forums a few months ago. I have tried a few groups and they have been hit or miss. I am in another community I like but the forums are pretty quiet there. I looked at Your Guitar Academy and I also felt like they were to focused on electric guitar for me right now. I also didn’t like how they listed power chords and bar chords for the electric guitar but not for acoustic.