Hello fellow axeslingers!

Hi all. :wave: Seems like a great place to hang! I’m 53 and from NY. In a few bands playing rhythm, singing, and engineering. Always loved learning from Justin’s videos. Such a great teacher!
:guitar: :guitar: :guitar:


Hi Kenny great to see you here hope you engage and enjoy!

Welcome Kenny, nice to have you aboard :metal:

Hey Kenny, welcome to the community. What sort of music do your bands play?

Hi Tony,
Four bands and three types I guess. lol
1 is heavier classic rock. Cream, Zeppelin, etc.
2 are 60’s-20’s soft rock/pop
1 is original. Hard rock/bluesy stuff

And yourself?


Thanks, mine’s acoustic songs people would sing along to at a campfire. Beatles, Eagles, Folk, Popular, Blues, that sort of thing.

Welcome to the Community, Kenny. Look forward to getting to know you and hear from you.

Welcome Kenny. Looking forward to hearing some songs from you.

Hey Kenny, welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hi Kenny and welcome to the community.

Good on you - getting out there and making music for and with others! :slight_smile:

Hi Kenny, welcome and keep playing.