Hello From A New Member!

Thanks for the great welcome everyone! You’re all making me feel right at home.

@stitch You guessed right. I’m a Skynyrd fan, along with SRV, Clapton, and so on. Love southern rock and the blues.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Haha! Good one! Another Skynyrd favorite of mine. But yeah, I’m here for the long haul.

Thanks again to everyone for having me join in on the fun and making me feel welcome.

Best wishes,



Hey everyone!

Just wanted to take the time to say thanks again for the warm welcome and the great community here! I find it inspiring to read of others journeys and accomplishments while pursuing our shared interest of playing guitar.

I’ve practiced with my guitar everyday since I got it a little less than a week ago. I’m currently on Module 1, Grade 1, How To Use Anchor Fingers. And I’ve also been learning to play A Horse With No Name with Justin’s help just to keep things interesting and on the fun side. I practice around 15 minutes at a time throughout the day. I find this works better for me than just one long session a day.

Overall, I know I’m making progress, maybe not much, but progress nonetheless and I’m enjoying it and it’s something I look forward to now everyday.

Best Wishes,