Hello from Atlanta, GA - I'm Vinnie

Hey everyone - here it is - The Gretsch - G2657T Streamliner Center Block Jr. Double-Cut with Bigsby.

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Hi @VinnieV08 that Gretsch looks great!
I think you keep up with realistisch expectation management when it comes to your own progress. If you find friction along the way or you want to share your progress; always welcome to share here!

Thanks for the picture, Vinnie. Looks gorgeous.

Hello and welcome to the forums Vinnie, it’s nice to meet you. :slight_smile:

That is a lovely looking guitar. I’ve not long since bought an electric and I do find it harder to play then my acoustic.

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Thanks SgtColon - I know! It is harder to play. I know it can make so many great sounds and with a good amp make many different sounds, but for a beginner, an electric guitar can be so overwhelming. My skills are much stronger than what it sounds like when I play the Gretsch. It feels like I’m back to one strum per bar or hesitantly plucking one string to find the right note.

But I also know I haven’t given it nearly enough attention as I’d like to. As soon as I’m done with my book - my world opens up!

Thanks for the warm welcome.

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Hi Vinnie

Well if you taught the same way Justin does, you must have had some happy students across those years. Big welcome, dig in and shout if you need anything.



Yes, but the difference is I taught freshman English, usually a required course that … many people really didn’t want to take. Having a class of people who want to engage with the subject matter - that sounds like a bit of heaven with a of fantasy thrown in!

My student reviews were always very good, though, despite their struggles.