Hello from Bishal ... my jJourney further

So, finally my first post in the new community. I didn’t know what new to write so I just thought of talking about the old Discus system which we would use to have topics and discussions on the lesson’s discussion page. It’s a sad thing that after the forum rebuilding all the chats made through the website have been removed. It’s sad because I was a person who would watch a lesson and always read the discussion tab to find additional information, I would so happily give my input on topics that I would find interesting to share or even help someone who’s struggling. There was so much gold in the discussion tabs and it always had me excited to read or comment. I felt so alive talking to other people. This community taught me great things and I could openly discuss anything I would like to. Now, I don’t even remember all those people whom I interacted with. For few days I thought of not using the new community anymore but hey…here I am.

Before anything more, let me say this-

I started with the old justinguitar course. Till I reached IM Foundation 1 the new course was up so I shifted to the new one from the start. Currently, it’s been 4 months I completed Beginner Grade 2. I planned to take a good gap and explore playing and using everything that I had learnt till now, developing my techniques, learning new songs and becoming a better musician overall before I was sure to move on to Grade 3. (I even wrote about this on the Grade 2-Lesson 14-Practice Routine discussion page and many people found it interesting and motivating too. This was my last post.) I did made points on what my goals were before moving on to Grade 3 but I won’t write it again as it was really very long. In a nutshell it was just getting better at playing, understanding the instrument, theory, ear training, knowing the whys and the hows kind of stuff.

I follow a very structured routine for guitar practice. After Justin’s Practice Assistant launched it became very easy for me to get used to it and tweak it according to my needs and desires. My routine includes exercises from the specific lessons+my theory and ear training exercises+ anything from earlier lessons that I need to improve on and put notes on the specific exercises daily to look at my improvement. They are very much based on my needs. I do take the practice plan from Justin as my framework and build the practice routine around it. Been doing it for more than a year I guess and it also helps me to understand and cater my needs well. I think everyone should explore it as later on your might have to make your own routine. So, that’s a good practice.

Now, I am headed to start my Grade 3 from May and I am super excited. I will also be reading discussions and interact as I did earlier. Atleast this time the discussion tab is integrated with the community forum. That’s a good thing. Hoping to meet you guys soon…Cheers and Happy playing…!!

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Welcome to the Community, Bishal, glad to meet you here.

There are many, many positives gained from the move to the new integrated Community platform. The loss of the historical content was the downside but I think worth it in the long run. As you said, the lesson discussion is still a feature and integrated with the rest of the Community, with other features that were popular on the old Forum now far more active.

So if you’ve not taken a look yet then why not have a browse of #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing and #community-hub:learning-logs

Lastly, I think this was a lovely introduction of yourself to the Community. Would you mind if I categorised this Topic as such?

Wish you well in Grade 3.

Hi Bishal,
Yes, the loss of those old comments and such under the videos is a real shame/bummer, that’s where I started and I was disappointed that it is no longer there…change muh… but this change is in many ways an improvement …
So…WELCOME to the new for… Community,You have found your way quickly,although it’s a bit busy,it’s so much more convenient/better than the old way,have fun and look forward to it your performances…
Greetings ,Rogier

Thanks for the warm welcome David. The new community seems great. Well, I am already reading topics for the past few hours or so. Seems addictive.

I thought of giving the community a bit of what I was doing currently in my journey before writing anything else. So that was it. I hope that we find great content here as always. And yeah, you can categorize the topic however you find suitable.

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Hi there Rogier, thanks for the warm welcome. We do feel the loss of the old comments but we can’t do anything about it now except to make this new community even better. And as you said, I am already loving it.

Welcome Bishal and the feeling you have about the discussion part for lessons was equally similar for those who used the old community forum site where there was lots and lots and lots of discussions and material.

The new community brings both together and overall I think you’ll see adds more…particularly as you get to the point of wanting to perform and sharing those performances. Whether thats simply by video or indeed as part of our live virtual Open Mics.

Hey Bishal, welcome to the community, glad to hear you’ve found your voice again. Look forward to hearing more.

Hi Bishal, good you are now part the community the same way you were part of the forum. I came straight here, but I can understand the sadness about the loss of previously posted content. I think this current platform allows a very dynamic interaction and offer plenty of opportunities to replace the old content and build new one. Structured practice like you describe is also what works the best for me.

Hello Bishal.
Good to see you here in the community.
I used to post many replies in the old Disqus comments and I remember you being involved there too. It was a difficult but necessary decision to start from nothing as part of creating htis new community that is integrated with the website. The old forum was also closed too. Everyone concerned had to put aside sentimentality for what was being lost and embrace the new.
Starting Grade 3 is a good place to jump in. Good luck with it and ask away if you need help. Plus, as you have already mentioned, jump in with the ‘pay-it-forward’ philosophy and help others coming along behind you.