Hello from Brent in Ottawa!

Excited to finally (hopefully) improve my Blues skills with the Blues Immersion Course! It’s a goal I’ve wanted for years (ok, decades), but the spurts and starts just haven’t moved the needle much. As I’ve just launched into retirement, I thought I would treat and challenge myself with this course. Listening to fellow students’ solos is a bit intimidating but I love the idea of establishing a baseline for where we are at coming in since can only assess progress against where we started. I’ve just begun working through the modules so hope to post audio in the days to come. Looking forward to our journey!


Awesome ! Welcome Brent ! I can’t wait to see module 1.

Welcome to the forum Brent

Welcome on board!

Hi Brent,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Welcome aboard, Brent! :smiley:

Hi Brent, welcome to the community forum. Enjoy the BLIM course.

Hello Brent & Welcome!!!
This Community is a great place to share our interest in guitar & music! I wish you well in the Blues Immersion course!!!


Welcome to the JGC Brent, :wave:

If you have not done so already pop over to the BLIM suburbs and do an intro here

Fellow Blimmer so good to see you onboard !


Welcome to the community Brent!

Welcome Brent!!

Enjoy the ride!!

Hello Brent.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and this fantastic community. Please take your time to look around and get to know the wider space.

We are a supportive and encouraging group of students and guitarists from across the world. Essentially, we are all here for music and to improve as players. We truly are a ‘community’. Members help and support one another and a friendly, positive attitude underpins this. We hope that all - young or old, experienced or new players - adopt and foster the pay-it-forward ethos that Justin personifies and embedded all those years ago when he started the website and forum.

Also, please make sure to read the community etiquette announcement for some important information and guidance.