Hello from Brian1990 - Suffolk in England

I have been around on this site since June and now I have found my way around a little on the site and learning more about how to access it from my PC (thanks to Fanny, Dave and Socio) I want to introduce myself to the community. I started with beginner grade 1 and now on grade 3 just to get an idea how to rid myself of all the bad habits I have leant over the past many decades.

A brief history- I used to play in a ‘group’ as they called it in the sixties playing in pubs and clubs and got married in the early seventies, sold my Fender strat (red just like my hero’s Hank Marvin of the Shadows) and bought my first colour television. Shame it would be worth several thousand pounds by now the guitar that is.
I started playing the guitar again in 2006 during which period I must have had 5yrs worth of weekly one to one hourly lessons with 4 different tutors the last of which weekly for 14 months were the best by far with many ‘light bulb’ moments when all that teaching of the past clicked into place.

I have learned the following:-
Structure and makeup of chords from basic major, minor to 7ths, 9ths, 11ths , 13ths, add 9, 6ths, extended 7ths etc and how these apply or not in any diatonic key progression. My terminology may be different to yours but hey I hope it means the same.
I am aware of some preset shapes for some of these chords particularly 9th to 13ths and can play them.
I am aware and can play most chords anywhere on the fretboard using the CAGED system.
I am quite familiar with the Pentatonic major and minor scales using the root notes on the E or A strings and have been playing against many backing tracks.

I do make backing tracks on my Boss RC-3 but now tend to use my DAW Reaper.

I am fairly familiar with where all the notes are on the fretboard.
I have done and enjoyed various composition tasks in major, minor and floating keys.
Off my own bat so to speak I have practiced finding the keys of many songs on Spotify so I can play along and improvise fills, riffs etc.
I have not yet been introduced to the realms of the ‘Modes’ which I think may be my next step.
There must be more but I can’t remember at the moment.

What I really enjoy is improvising over any piece of music once I have established the key and all the chords/progression. My aim would be to be able with confidence to go to local jam nights/sessions and enjoy once again the great feeling of playing music alongside other artists.

I forgot to mention I am trying to get to grips with the piano and I have a Roland GO-88 keyboard which I find ok ref knowing the notes and scales etc from the guitar I just need now to get my brain and fingers to work differently from playing guitar. Oh well!!!


Welcome to the Community, Brian. Sounds like you are quite accomplished. Modes does sound like a good option. And I hope you’ll find time to make some video recordings of your playing and share in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hi David,

Thanks but that may be a way off yet as I will need to get to grips with the PC camera or zoom is it? and need a microphone, some courage, and get my timing some where near to feel even a bit like performing but I will give it a go sometime. Thank again for your help so far with some of my queries in the past.


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Brian, you can always start recording with a phone before getting carried away with extra mics, audio interfaces etc. And the best way to develop both competence and confidence is to just do it.

David, could I do it using my ipad? or do I have to use my iphone? sorry I am not very good with this modern technology but I am getting there. My grand kids help a lot as does my stepson and I get less now of come on grandad keep up!!!
Well I think that in my mid seventies I should just try and I can be very trying so I’m told.

Welcome Brian! :slight_smile:

Sure, as long as it has a camera. I’m not an Apple user, but I assume both the iPad and iPhone have cameras. There should be a camera app you can open, and in there somewhere you should find an option to record a video instead of taking a photo. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I’m an Android user.

Welcome to the community Brian. It sounds like you are quite advanced. That’s good that you have went through the grades to ensure that you had all the right foundation and correct any bad habits picked up over the years. Hank Marvin of the Shadows….that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time… my step grandad used to tell me he was the best guitarist in the world. Yes, you can record yourself using an iPad or an iPhone then upload it to YouTube and share the link on here for the community to watch and provide feedback. As for nodes you may want to check out the fantastic posts @Richard_close2u has produced on nodes which you can find here Tips from the Official Guides / Approved Teachers - JustinGuitar Community

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Goffik, thanks my iPad does have a camera and I will give it go in the next few days and when I get the courage I will record my playing and then see if I think it’s good enough.
In one of the Justin beginner classes it suggests that so I will try it!! Cheers Brian

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Hey Brian great introduction. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Hi Brian,
Welcome,and i look also foreward to hearing more… :sunglasses:

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Hi Socio
Thanks for your response. Sorry for the delay but I am still trying to get to grips with this community thing it’s all new to me. Yes Hank Marvin is still my hero and I have seen him live many times.
I will look at the posts you suggest. Thanks.

Hi Tony,
Thanks I will be more active once I get to grips with this it’s all very new to me the community bit I mean not guitar playing.

Hi Roger,
Thanks I will be more active once I get to grips with this it’s all very new to me the community bit I mean not guitar playing.
I like your guitar by the way.


Hello Brian and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Keep with it and the fingers will get there, you just need to show them who is the boss.

You can never have enough Brians :rofl:
Welcome aboard!

Many of us here would give a fretting finger to have a couple of decades experience :wink:
Looking forward hearing some of your work.
Enjoy the site :smiley:

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for the welcome it seems a great community all very helpful people it takes a bit of getting used to from being solitary ref guitar playing for my own amusement and just dipping in and out of youtube to get help.
I don’t do the social media thing I could’nt keep up with all the requirements for constant information etc
My fingers do get there but over the years the joints etc move and change shape so I have to keep adapting.
By the way do you know if it is best/easiest to respond from my email or do I need to go into the community hub each time?

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I read you have a nice bagage already.
good thing you check for bad habits; better now than later! :smiley:

I’m confident justin lessons will broaden your skillset even more while you already have a lot to get some jams going.

As far as I know you will need to come to the community hub each time.

I suspect that if you do a lot of chatting on here you will be getting lots of emails, so you might want to turn of those notifications and just may be have them on for any private messages you may get sent.

Hi Brian,

I agree Brians seem to be every where. My main inspiration over the last 10 years was relearning guitar techniques etc with Brian Kelly Zombie guitar.
My decades of experience have been very useful in providing an interest to keep improving whilst being retired and being able to relax while playing. I am trying many of the JG techniques and suggestions from the beginner lessons like mindfulness and really listening properly and focused to music eyes closed etc and it is very different to other tutors advise and I just love it.
Anyway sorry about the rant.

Good to meet you Brian and really looking forward to hearing more from you with your background and experience!