Hello from Burnspot - Scott. Crossing Over From The Other Pool

Hi, I’m Scott and I’m just crossing over from the old forums (Burnspot there as well).

52 year old newbie, into my third month of Justin’s courses and enjoying the journey (just getting into Grade 1 Module 5). Equipped with a Yamaha Pacifica 112V and a Vox Pathfinder amp. Located in Eastern North Carolina and work from home (thanks Covid), so the guitar gets put to use multiple times each day. My goal is to become proficient…and do a bit of EVH; I feel like the goals are shifting as I learn more and realize what’s possible. :smiley:


Welcome aboard, Scott :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve got a feeling this place is going to be awesome.

Nice to see you found your way over. Love the Avatar.

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Good to see you Scott on the other side of the JG world. :blush:

Thanks all; looking forward to seeing how this new system works with the site! Now to wrangle the app into the mix, lol (probably won’t happen, but one can dream).

Helle @Burnspot and welcome to the new Community! :smiley:

Hiya Scott welcome on board :sunglasses:

Welcome to the new house Scott, so glad you’re here. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good to see you over here, Scott, and look forward to following your progress.

Hey Scott. Welcome to the new Community. Looking forward to your progress.