Hello from Chris in Bristol UK

Hi All,
My name’s Chris from Bristol, thanks for letting me join the group.
I guess I started playing of sorts at the age of 12 when my dad came home with an old Vox Stroller which was virtually impossible to play but looked good on my bedroom wall when my mates came round! Unfortunately my dad passed when I was 15 and in his memory my mum helped me buy an Epiphone acoustic which followed me everywhere. While I was at college I went to see the wonderful John Martyn with Danny Thompson on bass and I spent the next twenty years trying to play the Easy Blues to no avail. Anyway, I worked at sea for many years and that old Epiphone has travelled more miles and has had more drunken nights than I care to remember. Then it all stopped and careers and families got in the way. I’m 64 now and having retired ive more time and with Justin’s help I’m starting to realise how bad I really was. Looking forward to relearning - properly!
Thanks for your time - regards Chris.


Welcome Chris, looking forward to hearing the tales of the Epiphone.

Hi Chris,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun and there is no better site/teacher to succeed at what you want to play on your guitar journey :sunglasses:

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Hello Chris and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

If possible it would be great to see an image of your well travelled guitar.


Welcome Chris, hope you have a wonderful time here :+1:

A fellow Bristolian! Welcome Chris. I look forward to hearing that old Epiphone in a AVOYP some day. :+1:t2:

Welcome to the forum Chris

Welcome to the forum Chris. I’ve got a much loved and much played epiphone acoustic, now that i’m retired it’s getting played even more. Look forward to hearing more from you.

Welcome Chris, great to see you’ve joined the group. I’ve only been playing seriously for nearly 4 weeks, so sounds pretty bad at the moment. Anyway, this group is amazing and the positive vibe and the great tips and encouragement are second to none. I was lucky enough to retire very early, so like you, have time to dedicate to guitar. I’m sure you will succeed on this course, it’s brilliant. Good luck on your journey.

Welcome Chris and I wish you many years of fun playing your guitar!

Chris, welcome to the community. You already have a love for guitar so with Justin’s course to have a path to help you on your guitar journey. I look forward to seeing you playing your Epiphone acoustic in the future.

Hello Chris, welcome to the community.
We have many mature folk here returning to guitar after long years of setting it aside - you’re in good company.
Enjoy the learning and ask if you need anything.

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Hi Chris from Bristol.

As folks have said plenty of folk starting or restarting later in life and nowt wring with that !
Enjoy the ride and shout if you need advice, there’s a few folk here who could help out. :wink:




Many thanks for the messages and encouragement - looking forward to the journey!!

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Hi Chris, welcome. Good you have now the time and the resources to make your trusted guitar sound better than ever.

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Hi Chris,

Welcome to the community no better time to learn and loads of things to fill your time with.
Enjoy the journey :+1:


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