Hello, from Colombia living in japan

Greetings! I’m a Colombian living in Japan, embarking on my dream of learning to play the guitar. I’m passionately committed to mastering this skill, with the ultimate goal of spreading joy through beautiful music and creating unforgettable moments that inspire hope when it’s needed most.


Welcome to the forum Zento

Bienvenido! Qué chevere para unirse a nosotros en este viaje.

I hope I got that right, rather rusty I’m afraid…

Good to have you here Zento - welcome!

Hello and welcome aboard Zento. :slight_smile:

That sounds like a great reason to learn an instrument.

Hi Zento
Welcome and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

HI Zento, welcome to our community forum. Have fun as you begin your guitar journey to learn to make beautiful music.

Welcome to the forum Zento. There’s always room for more joy! Here’s to both your joy and the joy you bring others too through playing guitar.

Welcome Zento.

Hello Zento & welcome!
I’ve never been to Colombia or Japan but love geography… what parts of both countries are you from?
On a more musical note :musical_note:… my advice to all new guitarists (yes, you can call yourself a guitarist now) is to keep your guitar on a stand or hanging on a wall so it’s easy to grab & play - even if it’s only for a few minutes… you will get more playing time in that way & therefore you’ll improve faster!!! I often find myself playing for about 5 minutes while my coffee is brewing in the morning!
Have fun with your musical journey!!!