Hello from Craig in Jacksonville Florida

Hello everyone. I’m 59 years old and took up guitar again since giving up in my teens. I have a damaged left hand that was the reason I stopped. Simply could not fret the chords. Finally told myself to go left handed as I can strum with my left hand and fret with my right.

Its 4 months and I’m still in the beginners modules, but can sense my body getting comfortable left handed. I love practicing, but can tell I use too much pressure as finger pain sets in. My right hand is getting good, but the challenge is strumming and picking with the left hand. Especially difficult with up/down continuous strums.

Anyway, so glad I started again and glad I stumbled across Justin’s course.



Welcome to the forum Craig. good to hear left handed is working for you. Enjoy the journey.


Great stuff Craig, nice to hear you are making progress. I started playing at the age of 53 and 10 years later I’m so glad I stuck with it. I’ve got a brother who lives in Jacksonville, he said the hurricane didn’t cause much damage where he is, hope the same is true for you.


Hey Craig, welcome. Wishing you all the best in you left handed adventure, enjoy yourself :+1:


Hi Craig, a very warm welcome to the community.
I can only applaud and shout bravo for your valiant decision to learn from scratch the wrong way round. That is amazing.
If you need any help, encouragement, friendly chat etc then you’rd in the right place.
Cheers Richard

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Hi and welcome Craig.
I’m left handed but first guitar was rights handed well it was free.
I remember learning some chords and then just tried turning the guitar round and pull the chords with my left hand wow my left hand did not have a clue what to do. I guess in time it would of got there and maybe my rhythm would of been better but left handed guitars did cost more :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Anyway good luck and enjoy

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Welcome Craig and well done for finding a way around your problem.

An excellent solution! Really looking forward to hearing how you get on Craig. Take it you’ve checked out Justin’s left handed vids! :grin:

Welcome Craig! All the very best with your journey! Can’t wait to see/hear how it progresses :wave::slight_smile:

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Encouragement much appreciated…cheers

Yes have seen his vids…thanks much.

Hi Craig,
Welcome ,And you must really like it when you try it as a left-hander :sweat_smile:…awesome…I wish you a lot of success and lots of fun :sunglasses:

Hello Craig, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
Have you already seen the NITSUJ videos on the JG website? There, Justin is learning to play the guitar left handed, as well. Maybe watching them helps you through some difficult aspects or even frustrating moments. Spoiler alert: Justin is struggeling, too :slightly_smiling_face:.

I wish you a wonderful guitar journey 2.0.

Many thanks

Hello Craig and welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

That is so impressive that you can learn with your non-dominant hand. Kudos to you sir.

Hi Craig, welcome. Good you found the way to play guitar again. At some point you may forget that you have swapped hands.