Hello from Dave, a new learner from Wellington, New Zealand

Hi there folks, I’m Dave and I’m picking up a guitar for the first time ever! I am based here in windy Wellington, New Zealand. I’m originally from Leeds, UK, but been out here a while now.
I tried (for about 5minutes) to learn the keyboard when I was a kid, but other than that I’ve no musical experience, so the learning curve is steep. My son started learning the uke a couple of years ago and picked up the guitar last year. I’d always wanted to try the guitar so mucked around with his 3/4 size guitar late last year. I took the plunge and got myself my own acoustic guitar in December and discovered justinguitar. I’m enjoying the structure and as an older learner (40+) finding it a fun but challenging experience. I’m realistic that it will take me a while, but that also its something you never really master.
I’d like to lie and say I practice every day, but life gets in the way - I aim for that but probably achieve every other day since I’ve started. I’m at Module 4. I find D chord super hard, and for some reason my A minor isn’t working as well as I’d like considering its just E on different strings.
I like lots of different music styles - I’m also enjoying discovering some songs that I didn’t know I knew when learning the songs on the course! I’m really enjoying learning the riffs too - its super fun.
If there are any other learners out there in Wellington, it would be awesome to hear from you.


Hey Dave welcome to JG forums

Theres a bunch of Kiwis on here already ( I’m in chc, og form UK too).

Generally as living adults we’ve all got to face a bunch of demands on our time so every other day or whatever is good. It’ll just take longer and tbh it will help with the fingertips etc…

Just make sure you are having fun, and also putting your time to good use.

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Welcome to the forum Dave

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Welcome to the commmunity, Dave! :smiley:

How cool is it, you can learn guitar together with your son so you already have someone to jam with. :smiley:

Lots of fun on you guitar journey!

Cheers - Lisa

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Welcome, Dave! D and Am will get easier with practice, and by then you’ll have more fun things to be challenged by. Enjoy!

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Welcome Dave - I am 66 years old and started learning the guitar at the beginning of last year. I will finish Grade 3, June this year. Live in Auckland so pretty much neighbours. Justin has been so helpful and as you progress follow your instinct on what path you take (there are many believe me).

All the best

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Arguably, never a better time to start! JG materials plus heaps of freebies on the web.
You will hear this chord change secret a lot, practice very slowly! Feel how your fingers move into position, literally feel the muscles move - no strumming at this stage.
I’m making goodish progress with the F barre chord. Started by monitoring how the index and middle felt moving into position, just to feel the initial move.
Enjoy the journey!

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Hey Dave, welcome to the forum. My wife is a kiwi and I played my first ever open mic on the north island. Good times. Look forward to hearing more from you.

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Gidday from Auckland Dave. I’m also an older learner, a few months in and just getting back into it having been away over the holiday period. The D chord is also my current nemesis.

Figured out just the other day if I move my thumb down the neck a little when changing to it from an A or E fingers are able to get a little more straight on which helps. I’m also truly surprised just often I’m cutting my nails to make sure, particularly with ring finger, the nail doesn’t bottom out on the fretboard before I’ve got good contact with the tip.

Hi Dave, welcome to the community! Playing together with your son will be so much fun!
Wish you happy times together!

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Sounds like your being anything bit idle on your guitar journey Dave.

Blimey that’s a bit of a haul from Leeds to Wellington, I only made it to Normandie from Wakefield but heck I am a soft southerner so go figure !

Welcome to the Community.


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Hi Dave
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of guitar playing together :sunglasses:

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Hi Dave, welcome …things feel a bit difficult at the beginning, but just follow Justin’s Program and trust the process, you’ll be amazed how much you can learn along the journey…but…a little step at the time! :blush:

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Welcome, Dave,
Plenty to see here, and a little and often is a good thing!
Keep it fun … :sunglasses:

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Good tip! I tried that this evening and the slow move with all fingers (missed the ALL fingers same time) was hard. Feel like practice will provide improvement!

I watched a video that said to trim your nails the other day, so that’s another thing I unwittingly signed myself up for! Does seem to help. The thing I’m noticing is trying to aim for the middle of the second fret with my second finger. Its that pesky bottom string. I always seem to land on or over the fret (and into the 3rd fret). In a few months it will seem so easy (he says optimistically…)

Random fact of the day: Yorkshire has a larger population than the whole of New Zealand. Therefore it never surprises me to come across a fellow Yorkshireman! :smile:

Only Honorary Yorkie, there the last 18 years before leaving the UK for France. :sunglasses:

Hi Dave, welcome to the community forum. Keep practicing and eventually the D chord will become automatic for you.

Hi Dave, welcome. Good your son learning to play ukulele and guitar motivated you to take the plunge. Practicing regularly not necessarily means playing every day, but not every other month. Have fun.