Hello from Dave - New to Community

Hi everyone, my name is Dave. I’m 69, live in Milton Keynes UK and have been learning guitar for 10 years. There is no way learning to be a musician is a natural talent for me and it is harder to redirect those neural networks and get that map in your head as you get older - BUT, Justin Guitar is brilliant and I’ve exceeded my ex[ectations long ago. There’s always bucketloads to learn and with the help of JG and you guys I want to learn more and more. All the best, Dave


All the best to you Dave as well and welcome!

Welcome aboard Dave! :smiley:

Cheers mate. Much appreciated.

Cheers mate. All the best.

Hi Dave warm welcome from Didcot, hope you enjoy JG and will enjoy the forum!

Cheers. Thanks, mate.

Thanks Adi. All the best.

Welcome to the community. I started 10 years ago at the age of 53 and while it’s taken some effort, it’s been worth it. Keep playing and having fun

Welcome to the Community, Dave. Great to hear how you’ve progressed, that you’ve benefited from JG, and totally agree with your description of the learning adventure.

Now all I’d like in addition is to hear you play. You don’t have to make fancy home studio recordings (though that’s cool if you are into that), just a simple video, made with a phone and shared in #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing is all that is required. AVOYP is one of the best parts of the Community, where we get feedback and encouragement and inspire each other.

Hi David,

Thanks mate. Yep, I’ve got a song I wrote which I will video and upload this week.



Sounds awesome, Dave, look forward to that!

Hello @DAVE_J welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
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Hi Richard. Great to hear from you. Thanks, Dave.

Another Dave! :-). I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing your original song.

Thanks, Dave. All the best.

Hello Dave and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

If Justice is your real surname, that is so cool. :+1:

Hi Stefan, thanks. Yes, Justice is my real surname. There’s a famous baseball player in the USA with the same name and, guess what, same birthday as me. Mind you I’ve never dated Halle Berry :rofl:. Cheers.

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