Hello from Eastern North Carolina

Hello all,

My name is Rebecca Duncan and I live in North Carolina. I have had an acoustic guitar since 1979. I’ve attempted in person lessons twice since purchasing the guitar but trying to fit all in with working, family, etc. I just never stuck with it. Then I retired and then camecame the pandemic. I said myself, “Self - get that damned guitar out of the closet! Poked around on the web for resources and found a lot. Finally zeroed in on Sir Justin and here I am. I’m on module 4 and picking up things from the website and YouTube. Enjoying myself but no on needs to worry about competition from me.

Anyone else finding the various finger gyms/exercises/stretching challenging? Man I am! Any tips for me? Thanks :pray:


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Hi Rebecca,

Welcome. No competition, just a share in a passion :slightly_smiling_face:

Bite size chunks for the exercises, maybe mix them up so your not doing the same ones all the time.

Welcome to the Community, Rebecca. Delighted to hear you are enjoying yourself. And of course learning to play and make music is never a competition. As for the challenges, that’s just how it goes. Keep at it slow and steady and you’ll get there. In my cases some things have taken a long time to get but it’s not a race.

Hey, Rebecca! I lived in Pineville (just outside of Charlotte) when I was a kid… the accent comes back easy when I talk to anyone from the South. Take things slow and do your best not to lose patience. It’s been a rough trip for me. I have good days with the guitar, and then the very next day I suck so bad!!! The one thing that really helps me stay motivated is to always end practice with a song or riff that I can do without many mistakes. That way I end my practices on a positive note. Hope that helps. And God bless Tarheels!

Hi Rebecca,

I live in Eastern NC as well. I am in Greenville. Been picking up this guitar since February. What a journey.

Welcome to the fray!

This is just my world view: Focus on musical things and not exercises. Get those chord changes down. Learn progressions/songs. Get the main pentatonic scale down. Work on rhythm.

Hello Rebecca and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hello Rebecca and hello ‘self’ haha :wink:

It’s great to have you in the community - this is the perfect place to visit alongside Justin’s lessons, a friendly, supportive community of people walking the same paths and sharing the same ride.
Now you are in module 4 you have major and minor chords and a vast array of potential songs to learn. Make sure to always learn grade appropriate songs and use the chords you learn as and when you first learn them.
A little cautionary note - youtube guitar videos can be a rabbit hole from which you never emerge. There isn’t much out there that you can’t find by following the JustinGuitar beginner course, so keep a focus.
The finger fyms etc. are challenging for everyone. Just do a little each time - they are designed for long-term gain, not quick fix. Be patient with them.