Hello from Ed - new user from Tulsa, OK, USA

Hi all. Newbie here from NE Oklahoma.

At 47, I finally decided to get serious about learning after numerous flirtations with learning to play over the years. Went out and bought a cheap Jasmine S34C acoustic a few months back. Started sporadically trying to learn same as I had every other time in the past, looking at chord diagrams and just making things up from there. Mostly a lot of bad habits to break and healthy case of self-doubt yet I found myself thinking if, only I had lessons and took them seriously, I might actually turn out to be somewhat talented.

So begin my quest to find some sort of lessons that got along along well with both my bank account and schedule. Bounced around various youtube channels until one day I hit pay dirt when I landed on JustinGuitar. Free lessons available 24/7! So here I am, signed up and attending grade 1.

Now I have confidence that I may very well learn how to play. So much so that I ran out and bought a Fender FA125CE acoustic/ electric and Fender Acoustasonic 40 amp because obviously I’ll learn so much faster if it’s louder. So I’ve been bouncing back and forth between the two guitars for a few days taking on the first few modules. But, you know, even with ultra-light strings on both guitars I still can’t practice as much as I really want too because my fingers start to complain. Therefore I hypothesized that, if I had an electric, I could practice more because those strings would be easier to press. To test the hypothesis, I drove across town today for a smoking hot deal on a new Squier Bullet Strat HSS Hardtail Limited Edition electric and slightly used Marshall MG100DFX amp. Hypothesis now in testing.

I’m confident this is the time. I’m super stoked to have found JustinGuitar. And I’m feeling dedicated to the pursuit. Although my bank account might have a different opinion about my purchases, I’m really happy with them as they promise to make the journey exponentially more enjoyable as I’ll be able to extend my play time as well as have a variety of possibilities to combat boredom in these early stages as well as cater to my mood on any given day. Plus, with today’s purchase of the electric, I can just crank a few knobs to the right and rattle some ear drums when I need to blow off steam.

Anyways, figured I’d pop in on the community and say Hi. I’m not the most active person when it comes to any form of social media these days but I figured I’d dip my toe in the water here. Thanks for reading and maybe I’ll see you around!

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Welcome to the Community, Ed.

Stay the course here with Justin as your guide, slow and steady, and you’ll develop the ability to play and become a musician.

Curious about your chosen user name, ‘southofpegasus’, smells like a story?

Hope to see you around, we learn and encourage each other here, lots of action in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing and #community-hub:learning-logs plus you can ask any question along the way (remember only dumb question is the question never asked).

Keep on keeping on and those fingers will toughen up soon enough (finger pain is just the first rite of passage :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

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Hi Ed, and welcome.

Well it sounds as if you’re hooked already, that’s a good start :grin:

Justin’s is definitely the course for self teaching, it has all of the structure set out to get you progressing.

Don’t worry about the sore fingers, they will soon toughen up.

There’s a lot going on in the forum and plenty to learn even if you’re just loitering, but get yourself involved, it’s great for the motivation.

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Hello Ed, a very warm welcome to the community and to your guitar learning path with Justin’s beginner course.
There are many folk here doing what you are or who have stepped in those same places just before you and you’ll get much encouragement and support when you need it. :slight_smile:

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Hello ed,
Just keep going as much as you can, then everything will be fine with the guitar playing.
Wishing you lots of fun…
Greetings Rogier

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Hey Ed, welcome to the community, great to have you contributing. I’m originally from the Wichita Kansas area, migrated to Australia 41 years ago. I started playing guitar 10 years ago at the ripe old age of 53 and it’s been a fantastic experience.

When I first started my goal was to play 15 minutes a day but my fingers hurt so bad I only played 5 minutes at a time but I did that 3 times a day. Justin guitar gave me lots of great advice. The best thing I did was to quickly learn to play an easy song all the way through and since then have been focusing more on songs than anything else.

Look forward to hearing more from you

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Thanks David. Not much of a story to the name. Needed to create a username for something years ago. Was one of those cases where every name one could think of was already taken. So I decided to make a name based off my zodiac sign. And since I’m an Aquarius and the Aquarius constellation is south of the Pegasus constellation here, southofpegasus was born. I’ve pretty much stuck with it ever since.

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Thanks liaty. I’m definitely hooked. Now I just have to focus on structured learning instead of adlibbing without a clue as to what I’m doing.

Thanks Richard.

Thanks Roger.

Thanks tony. I’m working on setting some real goals. Right now my only goals are to follow the training path here on a regular basis and learn to play a dozen songs start finish well enough that I’d actually feel comfortable letting other hear me play.

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hi and welcome @southofpegasus

Hope you find your path and by all means, come by as much as you want :smiley:

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Hello and welcome to the community Ed. :slight_smile:

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Nothing to stop you now you are here Ed.

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Hi Ed, welcome, you’re the same age as me and it took me finding Justin’s course just over a year ago to make a breakthrough with guitar so you’re in a good place that’s for sure! Sounds like you’ve got the bug which is the most important thing.
Good luck with your journey and above all enjoy, Justin’s lessons are terrific.

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