Hello from England

Hello everyone,

My name is Beci and I started with Justin Guitar a few weeks ago. I am very much a beginner on the acoustic and I am enjoying just learning this wonderful instrument, which relaxes me so much. One of the chords I am finding a little tricky is the D Minor but starting to conquer this one.

Best wishes



good luck and welcome :slight_smile:

Thank you MacOneil

Welcome Beci, enjoy your acoustic journey. I play both acoustic and electric but always gravitate to acoustic. :smiley:

Hi Beci
Welcome to the community :smiling_face:
I spend a lot more time on my acoustic and love it too :sunflower:

:wave: Welcome to the group Beci.


Thanks Avalon :pray:

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Welcome to the place that breeds guitar addiction Beci. Learning and making changes from the D minor chord is a challenge. You’ll want to learn to play that chord two ways: one with the ring finger on the B string, the other with the pinkie on the B string. You’ll find both are useful.

Welcome to the forum Beci

Welcome Beci,

Hey Beci, that’s awesome. Welcome to the community.

Welcome Beci, making music is fun. Enjoy the JG course.

Hi Beci,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
And that Dm can be een pain in the ,uhhh vingers in the begin :blush: in the beginning, but that will get better/become easy soon …and then there will be much more difficult ones to master :grin:

Welcome Beci! Hang in there and it will be a different chord that is difficult, while you wonder how this one ever gave you trouble. :sunglasses: You will gradually have more behind you and few in front of you.

Welcome, Beci, from another Becky. :grin:

Hi Beci! :wave: And welcome to the community! :smiley: Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, heaps of really talented, helpful folk here that can give advice on how to tackle those tricky early hurdles :wink: :slight_smile: :+1:

Hi Beci, Welcome to the community forum.

Hi, Beci. We always welcome newcomers to our music forum. I think it’s good that you decided to take up music and learn to play guitar. To be honest, it’s much easier nowadays because you can learn different chords with the help of the internet. My brother has been learning to play for 4 months now and he started by watching guitar tutorial videos on https://faqaudio.com/. So I think you will do well and you can learn to play guitar