Hello from Gareth - currently feeling the finger pain

Hi All new to this forum and only a couple of days into learning the guitar, hopefully the finger pain will rod of in a few weeks.


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Hello Gareth, a very warm welcome to JustinGuitar and the Community.
As a new beginner you have much ahead of you. See that as a future of fun and music yet to unfold and take each step at a time as you work through the lessons of the beginner course. There are many folk here to hep so ask if you have questions.
Richard :slight_smile:

Hi Gareth,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

And I assure you that the pain disappears at your fingertips,


Welcome to the forum Gateth

Hey Gareth, welcome to the community. When I first started playing my plan was to play 15 minutes a day but I could only play for 5 minutes before my fingers hurt too much to continue. So I did that 3 times a day until the calluses started to develop. Can’t remember how long that took but it wasn’t all that long. Keep at it, it’s worth it.

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Welcome to the group-ies. :slight_smile: , :guitar:

Happy New Year.


Welcome Gareth

Like they used to say No Pain No Gain but the good news is it will be temporary (a good few weeks or so) and after that its all gain. Just take your time, there’s a long road ahead but a hell of a journey !


If it makes you feel better, I have only been playing 6 weeks and now have callouses and virtually no finger pain. Rest assured it gets better quickly. Good luck

Hello Gareth, so nice to have you here :hugs:.
Fingerpain is a big thing within the very first weeks. Hold your practice time short to avoid unnecessary suffering. It will get better soon.
Enjoy your guitar journey :smiley:.

Welcome Gareth :slightly_smiling_face:

welcome Gareth, Finger pain will get away soon, unless you are going to play for hours.

Hi Gareth and welcome.
I feel your pain, or should I say used to! Took me about 4 weeks.
Enjoy your new adventure.

Hello and welcome Gareth. :slight_smile:

Yes, the pain does soon subside.

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Welcome! A couple of days!! Woooow!!:blush:

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Garett, welcome to the community forum. The finger pain will get better in a few weeks. Just follow Justin’s plan and don’t practice over 20 minutes at first. You can practice even less for the first week until you start to get calluses. Good luck.

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Hi mate, yeah the finger pain goes away… a bit… later… its worth it tho

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Hi Gareth welcome to the community and to your wonderful new world enjoy and the finger pain does go just don’t overdo it.

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Hello Gareth! Missed your post earlier this year… how are your fingers doing now? Hopefully they’re doing good & you’re working your way through the beginner modules! If you need help, just post & this Community will step up & help!

Good luck!