Hello from good old Germany

Hi everyone,

I’m Anne from south western Germany.
I always wanted to learn to play the guitar but there was always something in the way. Either a parent who was overly mindful that I play in the correct meaning their way (which wasn’t the way I actually could reach the strings) or university or work.
I already tried Justin’s course some years back but I really struggled with Dm, C and G and I didn’t have a lot of time to practice so I gave up. But now I’m back at it again and am determined to see it through this time so that I can finally play my favourite songs and sing along.
Today I started with Grade 1 Module 4 and so far the finger stretching will be my nightmare as well as the old faithful strumming pattern :smile: but I hope that I will manage both with enough practice


Hello Anne & Welcome!!!
I always advise people new to guitar (pics of your gear is always welcome here!) to keep the guitar on a stand or hanging on the wall so it’s easy to grab & play! I like to play for about 5 minutes almost every morning while my coffee is brewing! It really makes a huge difference if you play every day!!!
Good luck with your musical journey!!!

Tod from the USA

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Welcome Anne! I don’t know Germany well, but did have the pleasure of spending three days wonderful in Baden Baden a few years ago. You live in a lovely part of the world!

You’ll be amazed how effective the finger stretching exercises are. I’m able to spread the fingers on my left hand much wider than on my right - all due to guitar!

Welcome. I spent a little time in the Stuttgart/Sindlefingen area many years ago (Army Reserve assignment) and really enjoyed it.

Hi Anne - good to see you here. Good luck with the journey, keep us posted on your progress!

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Baden Baden and Stuttgart are both about an hours drive south from where I live and are both nice cities.
I try to practice as often as possible and now that my fingertips don’t hurt that much anymore longer practice session are possible at last :grin:
As for my gear I have two guitars, western by Cory which I bought when I tried the first time and a Squier Stratocaster with a small amp which I have bought two weeks ago following Justin’s advice. I hope I’ll be able to use the western guitar in the kindergarten once I’m able to do the C and G chords and the electric guitar is the one I’m practicing on and which I will hopefully use to play my Metal and Rock songs. And I have to admit I can’t wait to be able to play along to these.


Welcome Anne.

Two nice looking guitars, all the reason to stay on your journey this time round.
Shut shout out if you ever get stuck !

Hallo Anne, schön, dass du da bist, herzlich willkommen!
HI Anne, from another German, living in the very south of Germany. I joined the forum about two years ago, a great place to stay connected to other guitar enthousiasts.
I wish you lots of fun with both of your guitars!

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Servus Anne und herzlich willkommen in dieser wunderbaren Gruppe :hugs:!
I’m from Austria and started my guitar journey 1,5 yrs ago.
I wish you lots of fun with your two six-string-friends and hope to hear more from you :smiley:.

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Hello Anne :grinning:

A very warm welcome to the forum from another German :hugs:

Great that you’ve picked up your guitar again. You’ve found the perfect place here to improve your skills and stay motivated.
And with some practice you’ll surely manage the finger stretching and good old faithful very soon.

Your two guitars are lovely. Have lots of fun with them on your musical journey :guitar:

Herzliche Grüße aus Dortmund
Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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Welcome Anne. Just keep practicing an you will get there.

Hallo Anne,
herzlich willkommen zurück.
Sometimes life comes in between (same here). Hope you’ll find enough time for practicing but above all for having fun with your guitars.
Viele Grüße aus dem Südwesten

Hi Anne!

Greetings from Nuremberg! Very nice guitars. I’m sure the kids in the kindergarten will love it when they sing and you play along. Wishing you a lot of fun with the learning path, and here in the forum as well! :smiley: :guitar:


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Hi Anne, welcome to the community. I found that it was helpful to read the discussion for the Grade 1 Module 4 beginning stretching exercise lesson on the Justin Guitar website. There were a lot of suggestions for stretching your fingers across the frets from people with small hands. I still use the stretching exercise in Grade 3, because I have small hands.

Welcome to the forum Anne

Thanks for the welcomes, I’ll try my best to stay in track with the learning and will probably be here more often now to help and find help.
Thanks for the advice with the finger stretching discussion I did that and found my way here through that and it really helped.
My problem is no that I can’t get each finger on the frets it’s more that I really have to hold my hand in a really odd way to reach the thick E string especially with my pinky ( and I’m not even trying in the fifth but on the eighth fret :see_no_evil:). And when I manage to do that the pinky lies flat on all the other strings. But in the discussion someone said that that is no problem at all, so I won’t worry and just hope that it gets easier with time

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Hello and welcome to our community Anne. :slight_smile:

It is good that you have decided to get back in to guitar now that you have time.


Hi Anne,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi Anne,

Welcome to the community.
Two fine looking guitars sure your nail it , enjoy the journey :slight_smile:

Welcome Anne just play everyday a little or a lot and keep strumming!