Hello from J.W.C

Hello, everyone. Since I came to this community from the old forums I’m not exactly “new,” but this definitely a new look for the community.

I started playing guitar when I was 16. It was my third instrument (the others being piano and violin), but it was the instrument that most spoke to me, and became my “main” instrument. Unfortunately, I did not take formal instruction in guitar and mostly taught myself. This was unfortunate because it was terribly inefficient and haphazard. I learned, but slowly and in strange “pieces.” I could play and developed some technical ability, but neglected repertoire. This state of affairs lasted many years, during which I’d sometimes let guitar languish, and then find a burst of enthusiasm. I certainly didn’t progress as much as I could’ve.

That changed after my own children became musicians. When they were in school and studying music and practicing their instruments I realized I’d done myself a disservice by never engaging in a formal method of guitar instruction. I found Justin’s site and videos, and set out to correct the problem.

I started by attempting to satisfy the “beginner consolidation” requirements. I could do all of it except for the gaping hole that was repertoire. So I began learning complete songs.

I progressed to the intermediate course. Again, I looked at the consolidation requirements first. Again, I could satisfy many of the requirements already, but there were a few holes. This is where I made the most use of Justin’s lessons and method: to fill in the gaps and round out my abilities as a guitarist. In many ways, Justin’s course taught me how to practice, and it had a profound impact on me as both guitarist and musician, in general. I’ve made more progress in the years since I first found Justin’s site than in the decades that went before.

Well, if you stuck it out and read all that, thank you. You’re in a great community, here: one that offers support and feedback and encouragement. I’m proud to be a part of it.


Welcome over to the dark side Jason. Good to see you here. I see you Avatar made it as well

JW made it I see. Nice intro and mini RC ! :sunglasses:

Welcome @J.W.C

yesh! :smiley:

That happened “automagically.” :slight_smile:

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You can thank Lieven for his hard work for making it a smooth ride over. We broke a few
thing test driven the Community :smiling_imp:

That’s the whole point and I love how much useful questions came out of that short testing period!

A very interesting read JWC, thanks for filling the gaps. You are very much part of the great community and I’m glad you’re here. :bat:

JWC, you are such an asset to the Community. During my time here, the information and insights shared in answer to people’s questions, are gold. And more recently it got even better when you shared some recordings.

Your musicianship (multi-instrumentalist playing, singing, and recording/mixing) is an inspiration.

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Welcome JWC to the community

Hello old friend! :wink:

Hi Jason. Welcome to the community😎