Hello from Jak. Finally Introducing Myself! :)

Thank you so much Tony. Much love to you my friend!

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Hey there Richard! Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I see this little thing that popped up on my right saying “consider replying to several posts at once” and I also see you’re a moderator. I’m sorry if I bog this down! I’ll try to learn how to do what it recommends, as I had a hard time doing it on the other school.
About going back to the beginning: it’s sooooo true! I was like “okay, what can Justin teach me I haven’t already learned?” And I learned A LOT. I checked out Sandmarx and I wish I could say how much I love that singer. She reminds me a mix of Paramore’s singer and Mia Coldheart. I freaking loved the track!

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@Heatherxx thank you so much for taking the time to listen to our song :slight_smile: and thank you for liking it! I hope I can help in any way, shape or form. It’s so nice to meet you :slight_smile: and I wish you luck on your journey! It’s a fun one :slight_smile:

@Dave911 Thank you for the love, brother! I struggled so badly with guitar and especially lead. Being in the metal genre it was so much pressure, so all I’ve ever known is humility :slight_smile: if there’s any advice I can give, I always will. It was my favorite thing to do on the other school. I really chuckled at the “jump off the couch” comment. That’s awesome to hear! Makes me happy :slight_smile: as far as influences go, my singer is a HUGE Dio fan. But believe it or not I’m not too much into Metallica at all, save for a few songs, and none of us are really into Sabbath. But the Metallica aspect I THINK you’re catching on to was truly inspired by one of our favorite bands, Iced Earth and Demons and Wizards. The punching, heavy rhythm. But heck I’ll take that as a big compliment! This whole track was drawn from ideas from Iced Earth, Judas Priest and Skid Row. Much love my friend! Looking forward to our growth together!

@batwoman it sure is, Maggie! Thank you for the warm welcome!

@SgtColon Thank you so much!!


@adi_mrok thank you so much Adrian! Really loving it :slight_smile:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner UGH THANK YOU HAHAHA!! That song was actually in writing around 2008. But there were so many things I couldn’t play up to speed. That song went through so many revisions. I always write things I can’t play, and the original tempo was about 18 BPMs slower. Allow this to be solid proof of when I say “I always struggled with improving on guitar.” But the big thing is, NEVER give up! My singer was truly thankful for your amazing comment. And we are all definitely beginners. I love that saying!

@mari “And not metal” hahaha! Yeah I don’t have a paid spotify either so I know the agony. Thank you so much for going through the pains to listen to it lol! And thank you for the compliment and listening to it my friend!


Glad that I was at least partially right on Dio (which I spelled incorrectly - d’OH!!). I thought about it after I posted Metallica and I think you are right about what I was picking up on - it was that heavy rhythm. I’ll have to give a listen to Iced Earth and Demons and Wizards. I don’t have a great deal of depth with regards to metal, your music just pumped me up, so I will give anyone you recommend a listen. It just sounds like you and your singer (perhaps you’ll tell us her name so we can refer to her as something other than “your singer”?) have put in the work and earned everything you have accomplished. Keep it up brutha! (And sistah!)

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Welcome to the Community, Jak.

Enjoyed the story, sadly no Spotify account to listen to the song, and look forward to more from you.

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That’s totally fine, my friend! I look forward to watching you grow :slight_smile:

Hey there Dave! I’m so glad you dug the tune. I really, really am. If you listen to “Touched By The Crimson King” by Demons and Wizards and “Imhotep” by Iced Earth, you’ll hear the influences there :slight_smile:

And my singer’s name is Holly! It makes me so happy that people here have received her well and love her voice so much.
Also I noticed you referred to me as “Brutha” which made me laugh so hard because the main guy on the other site called me the same thing. I’m actually a girl! :joy:
The support we’ve had on this song has been truly life-changing. I put so much blood, sweat and tears into the other school and although I was considered well-loved and dare I say it, popular (I became great friends with the main guys of the site so that shuttle-launched my popularity there), no one really truly cared about our release except for a few people and the main guys of the site. So to come here to absolute strangers who have never met me, and to have them love our song for what it is and not because of who I’m friends with, really speaks volumes to us. Thank you, my dear friend.

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Sorry about that, Sistah! I’m glad you are finding things so warm and welcoming over here.

Well that blew me away Jak! wasn’t quite expecting that…very professional and top notch playing. Looking forward to having you on the OM in a few weeks time.

Wow terrific stuff Jak. I’m not into metal but can appreciate the guitar (and vocal) skills on display there!

Welcome to the JG Community.

Hi Jak, that was an excellent track, very much enjoyed it - your singer is pretty decent too - believe me that’s a great compliment off me! My taste in metal is primarily Nightwish and the glorious voice of Floor Jansen!
I’ve only just recently found Symphonic Metal always having been a big Led Zep and Metallica fan, it’s been a bit of a revelation, I’ve been scorned a bit by my friends, they don’t think that a 70 year old should be listening to them :joy::joy::joy:, fools aren’t they!
Looking forward to hearing from you on here, enjoy the environment and people on here, it’s a great community!

Hello Jak,
I`m a big fan of metal music, and blues ,classical music…okay actually I have no preference, only as a player I would love to be able to play the blues well.
But I can’t listen to what you posted here, and it “annoys” me…and i want to hear what everyone is talking about here…so forget spotyfi,and hop on youtube…please :relaxed:
I hope to hear a lot from you, and wish you a lot of fun here and everywhere of course.
Greetings , Rogier

Before listening to the song I thought that also the title was a solid reference to Iced Earth and I was expecting to hear a cover of some sort.
Politics aside, I think Schaffer is a really good rhythm guitarist and perhaps underrated.

Nice tune! I liked it!


Hi Jak and welcome! I look forward to checking out some of your band’s work.