Hello from Japan

Hi there,
I’ve been learning guitar off and on from Justin’s site, app and books since 2018. I’m really good with the open chord changes, but my rhythm and improvising need a lot of work. A hand injury prevents me from doing barre chords, so I need to learn some work-arounds for the F chord, etc. I’ve commented a bunch on lessons, but never visited this part of the site. I’m hoping to learn even more here. :sunglasses::v:t3:


Welcome, Dude, I think fair to say that active participation in the Community adds to learning and the overall experience.

Will it resonate with you if I say ‘The Dude abides, playing guitar here in the JG Community’

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We hope that you like being here and enjoy the community.
There are a lot of people here to help, encourage and provide answers to your questions.
Good luck!

Welcome @The_Dude

You will find a way around that barre issue for sure!

@DavidP just loved that «dude abide» comment took the reference straight away👍 that is without any doubt my favourite movie of all time!! Love the dude😁

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Thanks for all the nice greetings. Not on the rug, please.

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Welcome to the community, great to hear from you. Look forward to more

Hello The Dude and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hey Dude Welcome.

Plenty of ways around barre chords, just look at the moveable open chords. Them and more. A lots of guidance here if you hit a bump in the road. So just holler.



Greetings Dude …

From another Big Lebowski lover.
Gotta love the work of the Coen Brothers.

You’ve come to a great place for all talk, help and support on learning guitar.
And a bit more besides.