Hello from Joe in Massachusetts USA

I’ve been playing for 18 months now. Started with Justin and have stuck with it. I play just about everyday. Started on an accoustic and added an electric.

My goal right now is to develop a repetoire of challenging songs. I think I’ll be there in six more months. I hit a plateau about 9 months ago but things seems to be acclerating now. I was playing finger-style exclusively but started using the plectrum in the last month.

Once I get my songs down my next goal is to add singing. I see other folks in the community singing and playing and I think it’s amazing so you motivated me. Also want to impovise over a backing track. I bought a looper with my electric guitar and started doing this but it became addictive and took up all my practice time so I stopped. This probably contributed to my plateau. I’m usually better with time management but these were new toys and serious fun.

Enjoying the community. Justin Guitar is great resource. I’ve learned a ton and most of all it’s motivated me to stick with playing. Thanks.

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Hi Joe, welcome to the community. When I was first learning I joined a music club which meant I had to perform in front of others, initially in group jams and then on to open mic events. While those were nerve wracking at times, they really helped develop my skills in many ways.

When I first started playing I didn’t expect to ever sing. My wife sang the first song I learned and after she’d sung it something like 50 or more times, I found myself singing along quite by accident.

Justin happens to have a lesson on this…

For me, it was a lot easier than what his lesson on it covers although much of did happen that way for me in subtle ways.

Welcome, Joe. Sounds like you are making good progress to achieve your goals. I suggest a next step along the way would be to post some recordings, either playing songs (not a necessity to sing) or improvising using your looper. Post those recordings, quick and easy with a mobile phone is fine, in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing

Hello and welcome aboard Joe. :slight_smile:

My looper is still in the box at the moment. I must give it a try but thanks for the heads up on the addiction.