Hello from Judi in Oregon!

Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking in the community for a while…I’ve been a beginner guitar player since I was 14, which is to say I learned some chord shapes and that’s about it. Fast forward, and I’ve recently retired and now have both time and mental bandwidth to learn. I’ve made it to Beginner Grade 2, Module 10. That F chord has me in the market for my first electric. I love this community, and sing the praises of Justin’s lessons and the community whenever people ask me “what are you doing with your time?”. Looking forward to more of both!


Hi Judi! Nice to have you here!

Hey Judi, great stuff. I retired several years ago and am also thrilled with the extra time it gives to to spend on the guitar. Keep having fun!

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Welcome, Judi, never too old and no time like the present. Keep on keeping on and look forward to hearing more from you.

Hello Judi and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Welcome Judi!

Hello Judi,
Nice retirement plan :sunglasses:…i wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Good to meet you Judi, I couldn’t think of a better retirement plan! :slight_smile:

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Welcome Judi,

A similar story to a lot of us. Learn some guitar but didn’t push it.
My opinion this is a great way and place to learn.

Enjoy the addiction :wink:

Hello Judi and welcome. Good to se another restarter !

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