Hello from Kentucky!

Hello, My name is Rylie. I am 25 years old. MY dream is to become a musician. I want to learn anything and everything I can about music. I have been playing guitar on and off for about ten years, never really learning anything from it. Well I am now changing that. I want to learn guitar and truly learn and understand it. Which has brought me here. I am in a bit a financial rut so I could not afford your standard guitar lesson so I went online. I wanted something I could learn at my own pace and replay however many times I needed too.

I am also currently learning how to play drums, which has been a lot of fun! Like I said before I want to learn anything and everything I can about music. I don’t want to take on too much at once but I am also eager to learn. Just have to remind myself that over time I will learn what I want to.

Music has been a safe haven for me. Growing up with anxiety and depression I needed a way to help release the negative thoughts. That is where music came in. All around music is my life. I want to have a music career and I have music playing all the time.

I hope everyone is doing great and im excited to meet some people!


Welcome to the group! This place is great as there are a ton of good resources to dig into! People here are very helpful and encouraging. Keep jamming!!

Welcome Ryliee. I truly believe this is the best online place to learn guitar. I couldn’t imagine a year ago thst i could do what I can do now, play a song! I may not be great at it, but I’ll keep trying.


I love what I have seen so far! Its very in depth unlike other courses I’ve seen. I’m glad it has been of use to you and that you can play now! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum Rylie

Hey Rylie, welcome to the forum. There’s heaps of what you are looking for all within Justin Guitar and the vast majority of it is free.

I started playing guitar well over 10 years ago and much of what I learned was from Justin. A few months back a fellow in town introduced me to a friend of his as a “folk musician”. So I guess Justin gets a lot of credit for turning me into a musician. :slight_smile:

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Welcome Rylie,
I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses: and with dedication you will realize your dream before you now know it :smiley:

Welcome Rylie, you’ve found a great place to learn! Have lots of fun whilst exploring your instruments!

Welcome Rylie, a perfect place and community for you to be a part of with your goals and your sanctuary with music. Justin’s course is a terrific way to get you learning whilst keeping your passion intact. Wishing you a lot of fun learning and being a part of the group here :slight_smile:

Hi Rylie,

Welcome to the community, wishing you good luck with your long term goal and all the best with your short term ones.
Having a passion for something is a great motivator.

Hello Rylie and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

I hope a career in music works out for you, it would be a great one to have.

Welcome Rylie,hope your dream becomes a reality for you.

Welcome aboard, Rylie! :smiley:

It’s good to have some long term goal in mind while starting something new and it will hopefully keep you motivated on the journey! Keep my fingers crossed for you, it’s not impossible if you put in some efforts.

Wish you loads of fun on the journey! :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

Hello Rylie :grinning:

A very warm welcome to the forum.

You’ve found the perfect place here. The lessons of the courses and the song tutorials are great, comprehensive and very motivating.

I’m here since summer, have learned a lot already, and I’m still enjoying every moment.

And you are right: Music can be a safe haven and help a lot to get you through the ups and downs of life.

Wishing you the very best for your musical journey, have lots of success and enjoy the light and fun that your progress will bring into your life :grinning: :guitar:

Cheers from Germany
Gunhild :lady_beetle:

Hello Rylie & welcome!

As an aspiring musician for most of my adult life (I’m 61), I can definitely vouch for Justin’s teaching methods!!! Stick with it and you’ll be able to play guitar! It’s not a short cut… lots of “peaks, valleys & plateaus”, but it’ll happen over time!!! By the way, I recently heard someone say that if you regularly pick up & practice your guitar (or drums), refer to yourself as a Guitarist/Drummer!!! It helps with confidence to think of yourself that way. I laughed it off at the time but a couple of times since, I noticed that calling myself a guitarist resulted in that person taking me seriously & asking about my music!!! It’s a very good feeling!!!

Good luck with your musical journey(s)!!!


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Hello Rylie and welcome to the community. Justin has a lot of lessons to become a complete guitarist and musician and the songs to use your new skills. Have fun as you learn songs at each level.

Hi Rylie, welcome. Good luck with your project of becoming a full time musician. Good that you found Justin Guitar to start developing your musicianship while also learning to play guitar. Have fun.