Hello from Mal in UK - new to the Community and the Open Mic platform

Hi all, after learning with Justin for some years now, this wonderful community of musicians has been found and since Covid happened I have missed being able to gig, this opportunity to do it safely is great.

I have been playing for some years now on and off and following my son ceasing life seven years ago owing to a brain tumour, music has kept me sane. Sitting and making noises, some of which my good lady enjoys, is good for the soul.

I play both electric and acoustic though acoustic always feels slightly better. Love all kinds of music, and have eclectic tastes, though veer towards country rock when playing, looking forward to the OM.


Welcome to the Community, Mal. Sorry to hear of your loss, heart-breaking. Music sure can help one through the hard times. Look forward to hearing you play at the next OM (you know where to sing up, right?)

Hi David, thanks for the welcome. Have already signed up for the next one.

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Hello Mal and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear such sad news but it’s good to hear you had music to keep you sane.

I look forward to maybe seeing you play in our of the OM’s that we have.

Hi Mal and good on you for stepping out into the spotlight :smiley:
Two of my three Danish first cousins died from brain tumours. It’s especially devastating as it often affects younger people.
I hope you enjoy the open mic. Many of us worry about how we will perform on the night, but the essence of it is hanging out with a bunch of friends, sharing our enthusiasm for playing and where we are on our journey.
Look forward to hearing you play :smiley:

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Good to meet you Mal and pleased that you’ve found your way here. Music really is the best medicine, even more so with what you’ve obviously gone through.
Will be great to see you at the OM :+1:

Hi Mal Welcome

And many thanks for the introduction. I too am sorry to hear about your loss, children are not suposed to pass away before their parents but life can be cruel. So wonderful you have found solace in your playing. It is amazing how much power those 12 notes have and their ability to lift ones one’s spirits in the darkest of time. Look forward to seeing you at the Open Mic.



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Hi Mal,
Welcome and glad you can find a distraction and pleasure in the music and the forum…you can easily “lose” hours here…but you already found that out
after hanging around in the background for a long time :grinning:…I wish you a lot of fun and a fantastic musical life…

Hi everyone and thank you for the welcome posts. Looking forward to playing and meeting you all here.
As you say Toby, 12 notes but what can be done with them! Bach for example, not that I in any way aspire to such greatness!

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I think Rick Beato click-baited one of his recent streams with the title ‘Next to Back we all suck’ … as tempting as the bait was I’ve not (yet) clicked.

Do love it when Jon Lord (the late keyboard player of Deep Purple) throws in random lines from classical composers. I think he did it a lot but me not knowing a lot only recognised a few.

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Hi David,
Yes, quite enjoy Rick Beato sometimes, and he does some good interviews, at least the ones I have seen. Recently he did one with Ted Gioia, talking about music and the future thereof. Some very interesting points were discussed; streaming, how long it actually takes for the brain to get into the music, longer than Tik-Toc allows. Worth a look.
John Lord was always enjoyable, loved early Deep Purple, and the Artwoods.

Welcome Mal. Sorry to hear about your loss, heartbreaking for you. I am glad music has helped you and look forward to hearing you play.

Welcome Mal, sorry to hear about your loss but glad you’ve found a little help to get along by playing guitar. Seeing forward to hear you playing!

@Malz, welcome! Wow. My heart swelled when I read about your son. I’m so grateful that you found music and that it functions to help. Beautiful. I look forward to “seeing” you around the forum. :heart:

Hello Mal, a very warm welcome to the community. I look forward to you participating in the open mic events, they are a real highlight and a wonderful demonstration of the community togetherness and kinship. We are more than just online forum users, we come together as friends and more.
I am sad to read the tragic news of your son. My mother recently passed away with the same. I feel for you. :hugs:

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Hi Richard thank you for the welcome. It took a while for me to check this community out, but glad I have and am looking forward to being part of it, especially at present the opportunity to play in the OM.
Have not read all the topics as yet but it looks as though they will keep me busy for a good few hours, and learn more in doing so.

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