Hello from Mario

As the title suggests, my name is Mario. I was born and still am from the United States. I am 59 years old. I am brand new to guitar and found Justin’s course through Google. I bought a Yamaha FGX800C acoustic/electric guitar. I am currently working through Grade 1 Module 1. I shouldn’t say working, it is not a job for me but a stress releasing fun time. Fingers tips do hurt a bit but that is fine. Learning something new will always have hurdles, just have to learn how to jump over them correctly. Takes time and practice. I will get off my soap box now. I just wanted to say a big Hello to everyone and a BIG Thank You to Justin for creating a world where everyone is welcome to learn guitar.


Welcome Mario.
The start of a great journey!

Justins a tremendous teacher, and this community is full of great people of all levels, enjoying each others progress, and helping each other out along the way.
Stick close to Justins lessons and advice. It’ll hold you in good stead as you move forward, especially in the first few months.
Join in the community mate, and reach out anytime you need help or advice.
Lookin forward to your progress.

Cheers, Shane

Thank you Shane. I really appreciate it. Have a good day.

Welcome! You’ll find an awesome community here with really nice people. Looking forward to seeing you around!


Hello Mario, welcome to the community! Ah yes, guitar is a great stress reliever. I do most of my practice/playing in the evenings to release the tension of the day. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have as you progress. There’s plenty of helpful people around here. :+1:t2:

Hi Mario we are the same age and yes what a great find I. Justin I am just arriving at the end of module 10 but as a grandpa and great grandpa you got to try this

Welcome Mario. We are excited to have you join the group. That finger pain goes away after a week or 2. Just keep at it. I suggest to record yourself and your progress, but do not compare yourself to anyone but you. It is a unique journey for you alone. I have been with Justin guitar for about 2 years now and thanks to his methods I have improved tremendously. You made a great choice here with Justin Guitar. Looking forward to hearing you share your skills as an artist in guitar.

Jeff from San Diego, CA

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The pain goes away quickly and it only becomes more fun after that!
Enjoy your time here!

Hi Mario, good to see another oldtimer getting into guitar playing.
Fingerpain will fade away eventually…in my case it took a bit longer due to a too high action on my 1st guitar.
Enjoy and have fun,

Got to love it. That was great. Thanx.

Sure seems like it. Thank you.

Still working five days a week, yes stress relief is a necessity. Thank you.

I figured as much. Thank you for the advice. No matter how old, advice should be taken. Thanx.

Hi Mario and welcome to the community.

Hello and welcome to the community Mario. :slight_smile:

The finger soreness will soon pass.

Thank you.

Hello Mario, a very warm welcome to the community, all you need is on the JG website and here.

Hi Mario hope you enjoy your time here. :smiley: I have already surpassed lessons that I took with a guitar teacher so it’s definitely worth studying here and elsewhere for fun. You can do it!

Hi Mario, welcome! The tools are there, the support is here, up to you to have fun learning guitar.

A warm welcome Mario! That’s great to hear that you’re just at the start of your journey. Can’t wait to hear about how you progress!