Hello from Martin1971

Hi everyone, I’m Martin, been playing guitar for a couple of years now but seem to be stuck in a rut, hopefully Justin can help me come unstuck


Welcome to the Community, Martin.

I’m sure following Justin’s programmes, becoming active in the Community and sharing some music here: #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing can help get you out of the rut.

Maybe start a Learning Log here #community-hub:learning-logs with some background as to what you’ve learned and your aspirations when you started.

Welcome Martin,
Getting stuck happens to everyone, Justin’s course structure will definitely keep you motivated :slight_smile:.

Hi Martin and welcome to the community. Would be good to tell us how far you’ve progressed already with your learning and then we can give you some pointers for Justin’s course. Generally speaking it’s good to start and the beginners course that way you’ll soon identify what you do and don’t know.

Welcome Martin :smiley: David has given you excellent suggestions, I’m sure if you take them up you’ll be cruising.

Hi Martin :wave:

Ruts and plateaus are common. Let us know a little more about where you are at so we can give more targeted guidance. If you have been playing for a couple of years, what methods have you been using for learning ? Are you following Justin’s Graded from the ground up, solid foundation building, learning path ? If not that is what you need to do, start at the bottom and work up. :sunglasses:


Hello and welcome Martin. :slight_smile:

I’m sure Justin’s course will get you out of that rut.

I know exactly that feeling, I think that the best way out of it here is to post something that you can play (and possibly sing) on the Audio or Video of you playing section for critique and advice, you will get constructive thoughts and encouragement from the community; it’s a great confidence boost and the encouragement kick you out of that rut.
Join in with the community and feed off it!