Hello from Mathieu - Québec, Canada

Hello there,

My name is Mathieu and I live in Québec, Canada. I am 29 years old and I am a software engineer. I have been participating in this community for the past year, but I forgot to introduce myself.

I started learning music in high school. We had the choice between taking visual arts or music classes. I hated visual arts so much that I took the gamble on music even tough I didn’t know anything about it. It turned out as a great choice ! I played alto saxophone for 5 years and loved it. I even joined a small jazz band during those years. :smiley: :smiley:

I liked playing saxophone, but if I had the choice, I would have chosen guitar as my instrument in high school. I took a few extracurricular guitar classes with the music teacher, but unfortunately she had to cancel most of them due to her busy schedule :frowning:

After high school, I went to CÉGEP. During the summer of 2011, my parents bought me an acoustic guitar Seagull Performer CW Mini-Jumbo Flame Maple. I tried my best to learn with books and youtube during the summer. After that, life got busy when I moved to another city to attend university. Studies took most of my time.

Here it is now - 10 years later when I joined Justin Guitar in 2021. I am now working on the end of Grade 2. Having a structured course with pratice routine and songs to play along really clicked with me. And this community is the cherry on the top of the cake :smiley:


Welcome in Mathieu, sounds like you’re right on track :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, great story and nice picture!
If you were in a jazz band, some things should sound familiar :smiley:

Welcome and good luck in your journey!

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Hey Mathieu, welcome to the community. Glad to hear you are enjoying your progress with the guitar. My career before retirement was in software engineering and I still enjoy fiddling with software development.

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Bonjour, Mathieu.

Greetings from another software engineer. Is there anybody on here who isn’t an IT professional? :laughing:


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Welcome Mathieu!

And welcome to the community!
Nice parents, giving you a new guitar! :grin:

I was wondering the exact same thing, what proportion of the community is made up by IT guys? Maybe we just have too much free time on our hands? :sweat_smile:

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I suspect it’s the same reason there are so many Australians – it’s a Justin selection bias. I think his teaching style is suitable for technically-minded STEM type folks, whereas (at least in my experience) a lot of music teachers, maybe even most music teachers, have a style suited to … well I don’t know, some other type of person I guess. It seems to work out for them sometimes, but it sure never worked out for me :slight_smile:


Bonjour Mathieu, nice to reed your introduction! Wish you a lot of pleasure for your guitar journey!

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YES! No IT professional, no Aussie. Yes, there are other people outside of the IT/Aussie bubble! Graduated in economics and social sciences… :joy:

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Hello and welcome to the community Mathieu. :slight_smile:

What is this?
You’re the second alto sax player to introduce themselves in the last few days.

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Salut Mathieu, bienvenue :slight_smile:

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Lovely intro, great picture, Mathieu. Wish you well on the adventure.

Do you still play the sax? I love the sax, though my experience is more in bluesy rock n roll than jazz … Rolling Stones in full cry with Bobby Keys blowing his horn.

PS Was a software engineer at the start of my career, now a Lean-Agile Coach and Saffa not Aussie.

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@liaty @LievenDV @tony @direvus @Aaronwith2dots @Helen0609 @SgtColon @jasmineJames @DavidP
Thank you all for your walm welcome. I appreciate it :slight_smile: It’s cool to see such a supportive community of passionate guitar players. Your warm welcome gave me confidence to record my first audio of me playing. But, unfortunately, I spent the whole day dealing with customer service for the TV that I received which had a broken screen :frowning: It was way less fun than the blues solo I had planned to record to try my new Scarlett hahahah !

:open_mouth: It’s funny to see so many IT professionals around here :laughing:

@SgtColon The Québec school system is a little bit different from the rest of Canada. There is a step between high school (secondary school) and university. This step (CÉGEP school) lasts 2-3 years. I don’t know if it’s like that your country ?

@Helen0609 @jasmineJames Bonjour/Salut. By any chance, do you know some french words ? :grin:

@DavidP @LievenDV Unfortunately, I don’t have a saxophone at that time. Maybe one day, I’ll buy one and put it next to its guitar friends. That would make a great GAS post hahah ! Imagine the fun I would have with my new Scarlett and DAW playing music with guitar and sax :open_mouth:


Hi Mathieu,
Welcome ,good picture and i wish you a long live of learning en mastering the guitar to the max. :sunglasses:

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@roger_holland Thank you Rogier :slightly_smiling_face: :guitar:

Bonjour Mathieu et bienvenue a Justin Guitar :grinning: From another Quebecois, originally anyways, now I live in New Jersey, USA. You will find nothing but support with this community! Looking forward to your first video recording.

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@SylvieL Merci Sylvie pour ton message d’encouragement :slight_smile:

Hello Mathieu, a very warm welcome o the community. That’s a great introduction and a great picture … enjoy the ride, every little bump and corner. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Richard_close2u :slight_smile: