Hello from Michal - Mori Music - in Slovakia

Hello everyone,

I am from Slovakia (Central Europe) and I joined JustinGuitar today.
I started to play guitar and bass last summer and really catch me.

I found JustinGuitar randomly but I don’t regret. Last months I spent time on the Yousician platform and it gave me a lot but I need move forward. I have chosen JustinGuitar.

My big dream is to play as a busker (practice of performing in public places).

Video of me in action

Instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/mori_guitar_practice/

And my first “amateur-recorded” album https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oshkc9b4IwU


You’re doing quite well. I’ve been playing for over seven years, and you’re quite a bit better than I am. Welcome to the community.

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Hi Michal, welcome to the community forum.

Hi Michal,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun, :sunglasses:
Good job and you are making rapid progress …keep on going :clap: :sunglasses:

Hi Michal,
nice to meet you! My partner is from Slovakia, and so I have visited the Prešov area quite a bit!
Wishing you lots of fun on your guitar journey and here in the forum!


Hi Mori, and welcome to the Community :smiley:
I hope you forgive me for raising a ‘sceptical eyebrow’ on your backstory-
I find it hard to get my head around you taking up guitar and bass last summer and recording a 10-song multi-instrumental album of original songs by January. (It’s really good btw) That would be excellent progress for someone taking ten times as long.
I suppose everything is possible and I in no way wish to detract from your achievements, but it can be disheartening for those who learn at a much slower pace and one of the main aims of the community is to support each other.
So a fabulous Congratulations! on your achievements so far. Keep doing whatever you’re doing :sunglasses:
(and a reminder to everyone else not to compare ourselves to others too much :smiley:)


If you don’t mind I would like to show you another video in which I tried to interpret a well-known Slovak song by ELAN. The original song has been translated into several languages, including English.


Next Cover is well known movie soundtrack The Misty Mountains.

It was arranged by 4 guitars and MIDI controller.

Rhythm guitar (black/white) was played a light chord progression "
Am Em Am
G Em Am
Am Em
C Em Am

The Ibanez guitar was played power chords and served as a bass line.

The acoustic guitar was played the low tones of the melody and red (Gretsch) guitar was played the high tones of the melody (one octave higher).

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