Hello from Michigan! DougC here

Hello all - Doug C here from Gregory, MI, USA. I’m a 55 year old beginner, working very slowly through Beginner 2. I hit kind of a plateau but I’ll keep working. I’d like to start working with song charts, maybe sing. The challenge with that is my voice is in the range of Richard Sterban from the Oak Ridge Boys.


Welcome to the community. I’m an accidental singer, thought it would be too hard. First song I learned my wife sung probably 50 or 60 times before I started singing along in the chorus without thinking, since then I thoroughly enjoy singing. Nice thing is the more you use your singing voice the more it develops. A capo will help you match songs to your voice.


Hello Doug, a very warm welcome to the community.

Hi Doug! Another member from the mitten! I’m in the rural area of Charlotte/Olivet. Welcome to the JG community! Here’s to enjoying your journey playing and singing!

Hi Doug from your rivals one state down :wink: Seriously though, welcome to the community. Those plateaus are common. Keep on keeping on and you’ll crash through it.

Welcome Doug, it’s good you’re here, where there is lots of support and encouragement to help you through the plateaus. I looked up Richard Sterban as I’d not heard of him. What a glorious voice. I’m very much looking forward to hearing you sing.

Welcome to the Community, Doug.

Keep up your practice and you’ll soon enough get up to the next level, slow and steady, just enjoy the practice and playing every day. Remember what you couldn’t do before, how that felt and what you can do now.

Look forward to hearing you play and sing!

Hello and welcome Doug. :slight_smile:

I found singing along with the songs helped me with the rhythm and chord changes. I’m not great at singing but I enjoy myself.

Hi and Welcome Doug.

Plateaus are fairly common and we all hit them from time to time. If you’re getting stuck shout up but most of the time you can work you way through.