Hello from Mike Helibrewer in Wilmington, NC (USA)

Hello all. Been working through course and am currently in Beginner 2 Module 11. I’m 64 and new to guitar, it will be my hobby into retirement. I played trumpet through High School so I am familiar with music notation and some theory. I really like Justin’s format and stopped my private lessons because I was getting more from these courses. I practice between 1-2 hours per day. I play a Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro-IV and a Joe Bonamassa Les Paul “Black Beauty”



Welcome Mike! You will find your music theory knowledge helpful in your guitar learning journey. The basics are the same (I played piano in my youth), but the ‘layout’ I’ll say is quite different piano to guitar, and also trumpet to guitar. You’ll definitely have a good start though.

Have fun :smiley:

Hi Mike and welcome to the community. I also started when I was 64, so you’re in good company. :smiley: You’ll get plenty support and advice here to help you on your guitar road.

Hello Mike and welcome to the community.

We have many folk who picked up a guitar in their mature years. You are not on your own in that sense. And you are not on your own in general either. The community is built around a supportive and encouraging spirit and a pay-it-forward ethos.
Enjoy what you do and shout out if you need some help.
Cheers :blush: Richard

Hi Mike welcome to the Community and as you can see by the comments there are quite a few late bloomers here abouts. On the old Forum someone dropped a post asking If Old Dogs Could Learn New Tricks and it certainly looks like they can. Best of luck on your journey.



Welcome Mike. One to two hours a day, that is fantastic. It sounds like a great way to enjoy retirement.

Welcome Mike! Sounds like you have a nice collection of Les Pauls started. Impressive! It won’t take long till you get the GAS itch to add another one…

Yes, one was a surprise gift but I do need an acoustic… :wink:

Great to have you here Mike. Your retirement plan sounds good as does your previous experience with music. You have some rather nice guitars too. Winner winner, now dive in.

Welcome to the Community, Mike. Look forward to regular updates as you progress.

Hello Mike and welcome. :slight_smile: