Hello from Mike, old new player here

So I’m 43 and looking to start playing again.
I got my first guitar ( harmony strat looking thing) when I was like in 10th grade. I took lessons collectively for about a month or 2.
i couldn’t tell you a c chord from a extension cord lol

I proceeded to try to learn every tab I could from the Internet and guitar magazines. And in the process buying a bunch of guitars.if it looked heavy metal I wanted it.
Had a band with a buddy of mine where we just sludged through power chords and so many effects pedals that never left the garage. Once I was exposed to other guitar players I realized where I was lacking and the way life takes us I’d stop and play then stop again.
Now we are fast forwarding like 25 years later and I had the urge to start playing again. The friends I see regularly at a brewery all play and they have open mic night and such and I’m like, I had some sort of foundation with this I bet I could do it right this time around.
So when I heard about a pretty all encompassing lesson thru here and how highly recommended it was I figured I’d jump aboard and try again.


Are you me? haha welcome to JG

I did manage to get on stage a few times way back but that was 30+_ years ago at uni and well it was a crazy time. I think we invented a new form of music. Ahead of out time I say…

Plenty of older guys on here but I dont think you qualify for an old git yet at only 43!

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Welcome aboard, Mike!

Sounds like you have some foundations to build upon! :slight_smile:

Lots of fun on your guitar journey, enjoy the ride. :smiley:

Cheers - Lisa

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I’m 44 and just a few months ahead of you in the course! Have fun, and I guarantee you will be better than your teenage self was in just a few weeks :grin:

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Welcome to the group.


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Hi Mike,
Welcome and I wish you a lot of playing :sunglasses:

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Hi Mike,

Man, you got it made.
Between finding JG and having the support from your friends.
I’m gonna guess you’ll get right back in the swing of playing guitar. As a side bonus, your only 43 and have plenty of time.
Have fun here Mike.


Hi Mike, welcome to the community. It sounds like you have a background with guitar. If you follow Justin’s lessons from the beginning, you can be sure of filling in any gaps in your guitar skills. It want be long before you will be joining in open mics. Have fun.

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Welcome Mike, and I like the Ninja avatar.
You didn’t say but I guess your still into Metal; regardless there’s a niche collective for almost everyone in JG Community.
Keep having fun … :sunglasses:

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Definitely still like metal and punk, but branch a little more into classic rock and yacht rock lol

Hi Mike, welcome. Good you have now the chance to catch where you were lacking about guitar playing. Have fun.