Hello from Nancy in Scotland - I've finally stopped procrastinating!

I struggle with that F chord and Barring stuff.

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Thanks Lieven

On it - I promise! :laughing:

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Thanks Peter :smiley:

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Welcome Nancy.

Nice back story and some great artists mentioned and for someone in their mid 60s all recognizable but good to see Maiden and Whitesnake on the list ! Taking up guitar combined with early retirement is a great plan - I kicked started my stop start guitar journey with Justin when I pulled the plug at 55 ! As you mentioned Tull, I just have to add my mantra “you’re never too old to rock n roll”. Just enjoy the journey and watch out for that GAS ! Nice collection you have but I am sure it could expand.




Just had a system prompt to try responding to several posts at the same time so here goes, hopefully I don’t miss anyone :pensive:

Thanks for the welcome Jeff

That’s good to hear I’ll look forward to watching/hearing it when it’s ready :grinning:


Good advice Andres I’ll definitely take it on board, thanks for the welcome :smile:


That sounds cool and you made me laugh with your comment about supplying the drinks, bet they’re not needed though, enjoy your guitar journey Kevin :smiley:

I’ve just started the F barre chord and it’s just as well that there’s a lot posted about it and everyone seems to be in the same boat or I’d have sold my guitars I’m struggling big time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thanks for the welcome Toby

I don’t think I could have even considered retiring if I hadn’t decided to take up guitar boredom and I don’t mix well!


And definitely too young to die :laughing:

I’ll let you into a secret I’ve already started looking at acoustics online - after all Christmas is coming :wink:


classic :rofl:


Welcome Nancy. You have some nice looking guitars and I think there are a lot of people like you, me included, who wait years before starting to learn guitar. Enjoy the journey.


Thanks for the warm welcome Trevor it’s much appreciated :grinning:

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Welcome to the community Nancy! Nice looking guitars! Happy retirement! I also started learning to play when I retired. Enjoy!

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Thanks Michael this is a great community to be part of :smiley:


Hi Nancy, welcome to the community.
What a great story.
What a great introduction.
What a great collection of guitars.
What a great set of goals and aspirations.
What a great start to learning guitar.
You know how it is around here already I’m sure - if you are unsure just ask, if you need help or support there’ll be someone to help you with the heavy lifting etc etc.


Thanks Richard it’s comforting to know that there are folk out there willing to help when I stumble. :smile:


Damn - as soon as I saw the album cover Cars started playing though my head. My 20 year old son just walked out of his room as I was bumping this song and said “WTF?” He’s going to be in for a shock when I bast DEVO. Young Grasshopper, You Have So Much To Learn…


Hi Nancy, you have the right attitude and a rather nice collection of guitars! I also have a Freshman guitar, an Apollo 40CE it’s a bit smaller than yours but is a very nice instrument.
Looking forward to seeing (and hearing) your AVOYP!


@Billca Hi Nancy from Scotland, I am Eric from also from Scotland. I have not been active on the forum for a few weeks so missed your introduction message, so a belated welcome from me.
I recognised a lot of things from your introduction message, not just the Scotland bit but also the music you like and the fact that you are learning guitar in your retirement years. I actually started playing when I was around 20 but had no idea what i was doing, did not know anyone who played, could not even tune my very cheap and crap acoustic guitar, it was about 35 years later that I picked it up again and started to try and actually learn how to play. Justins’ lesson certainly helped a lot, he does really make it accessible. I have been lucky enough to meet Justin a few times and he is just a super nice guy and great teacher just like he comes across on the web. It seems you are already in contact with a lot of helpful people in the forum , I hope you benefit from that support in your learning experience. I am sure you will crack the singing and playing thing , the fact that you can already sing and have been in a choir I am sure will help with that once the guitar is a bit more familiar. For me I had never sung in my life so that has been my scariest part of OM’s. Yes GAS is real, I have it under control for now but I don’t think I will ever be completely cured. BTW, I had to smile when i saw you making reference to meeting Gary Moore in Glasgow. I am pretty sure you must be referring to a concert at the Apollo on February 14th 1984. I took my girl friend of the time to that concert , yes on Valentines Day, she was not impressed. I remember it was bloody freezing and so incredibly loud. I had a university exam the next day and I remember my ears ringing all the time while trying to concentrate. Welcome again, maybe see you on a OM some time. Good luck .


@Billca Hi Nancy. I’m Gordon also from Scotland. I’ve just stumbled across your introductory post. There are a few of us from up here on the forum now. Welcome to the Community. You’ll get lots of helpful advice and comments when you feel ready to post something on AVoYP. The singing part will be nae bother to you as you’ve been/are in a choir.
I’m 10 years older than you and started learning guitar when I was 64 so you are a youngster!

Have a look here and you’ll see we are oldies but goodies. :grinning:
Older guitar students - can ‘old dogs’ learn new tricks?


Hi Nancy. Welcome. Glad to hear it.

I love your Strat. Beautiful finish.

Stay safe :guitar:


@eric.lennon Hi Eric apologies for the delay in responding it’s been a busy few weeks and I haven’t spent as much time on the forum as I’d have liked but everything has gone quiet again so I’m looking forward to catching up on some of the things I’ve missed.

I completely agree Eric there’s such an ease about the way he teaches that makes me feel comfortable and encourages me to keep going, you’re so lucky to have met him. I read your write up about his guitar workshop, it was fantastic and it lit the fire for me to have now added it to my bucket list (you should ask for commission :laughing:).

I’ve already benefited from this, not only did I get a lot of encouragement and advice from posting my introduction but I’ve been able to find threads which have helped me with queries; there really is a wealth of information and experience in this community. Right now I don’t feel I have much to contribute but that will change with time :crossed_fingers:t3:

I’ve seen you perform at two of the OM’s, you have mastered the singing and playing and if memory serves me right at the second one you had just recovered from a bout of Covid and still managed to pull off a terrific performance.

That made me laugh :joy: and you’re spot on with the date I’d have been 19 then (not far off 20) Thanks for the welcome.

@sairfingers Thanks for the welcome Gordon

I’m still determined to post something before the year is out and yes the singing part will be nae bother (if someone else is playing the guitar :laughing:) seriously though it will go one of two ways I’ll either be playing guitar to a backing track with someone else singing or if it miraculously comes together I may manage to do both, right now it’s more of a miss than a hit :crazy_face: and I am in complete awe of anyone who can manage it. Learning guitar has given me total respect for guitarists, it looks easy but it sure as heck ain’t!

@Radagast99 Hi Jeff, thanks for the welcome,

Thank you and you stay safe too :smiley:


@Billca thanks for the supportive comments about the OM’s. Oh yes I recall that post COVID OM , I under estimated how rubbish I was still feeling when I did that I was glad to get through it. Funny we were both at that GM concert. The only song of his that my then girlfriend knew was Parisienne Walkways and he did not even play that one :laughing: I might do it on a future OM, or one of his blues classics, too many good songs to choose from. This Saturday OM i am going to do something acoustic again but next time I will go for something on electric. Try to keep going with the guitar, i know it can get difficult with life priorities but you will be surprised how much progress you can make with regular playing.


From one Strat lover to another, Welcome.
Love the finish on yours.