Hello from New Zealand

Hello, I’m from New Zealand. I played the trumpet when I was growing up, but it didn’t suit me at all. I was convinced to stick with it anyway. Dropped it as soon as I left school. I wanted to play electric guitar for a long time, but it seemed unattainable. I tried to teach myself bass guitar in the meantime with a loaned instrument, didn’t go very well. Finally decided to do it, got a secondhand Yamaha RGX112 that I love, it’s in really good condition considering it’s almost as old as I am. I messed about with internet tabs and Being Terrible At Rocksmith for a couple of months, and now I’m making my way through Justin’s lessons from the beginning. I’m picking up lots of things I’d missed, like the better fingering for A chord. Currently up to Grade 1 Module 5. Good stuff!

Coming from an instrument where it’s only possible to play one note at once, I’m finding chords very intimidating. I can read music, but I feel like that’s not super helpful for guitar at the stage I’m at. Aaaah, I’m going to have to learn all that chord progression stuff I always skipped past (I was mostly classical trumpet, so didn’t need that for improv because I did everything I could to avoid trumpet improv).

I am finding that I can remember tunes a lot better somehow on the guitar than I ever did on the trumpet. Where I used to be constantly relying on the sheet music, with guitar I can stop looking at the tabs and remember how things go a lot better. Not sure why that is, the way the notes are so visually laid out maybe making it easier?


Hey welcome, another kiwi here!

Sounds like you’re making good progress, I guess trumpet is more similar to lead guitar playing than rhythm

Hey, welcome to the forum, great to have a Kiwi around, I’m married to a Kiwi.

When I’ve put my head into the guitar method books, I was able to play a simple tune reading music, so your skills in that area aren’t wasted on the guitar.

Great to hear you are making progress.

Welcome Snorkel!

I’m sure that there’s plenty of knowledge that will be relevant to your guitar playing. Justin will soon have you on the right track, much easier to learn when your heart is in it. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is probably because you want to learn the guitar, where as the trumpet you didn’t.

Hello and welcome to this great community. :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community.
Congratulations on your progress to module 5 and it sounds like you’re making good progress and having fun. Chords, chord changes, chord progressions … you’ve got the ingredients for songs right there. Learn songs and play for fun.
You will find that you won’t really use sheet music for guitar unless you head down a classical or similar path. But your background in music will be good to have.
Any questions, doubts, concerns, there are always people here to help and encourage.

Hi Snorkel, welcome. Good you found the guitar to express your musicianship.