Hello from Ontario, Canada

I have played guitar on and off for years but also had a long layoff. I took lessons for a bit a few years ago but left after my teacher SNAPPED on me. You see I’m known as an enigma lol…I can play advanced lead stuff but fall flat on my face with even the most basic strumming. Teacher flipped as I was warming up one class when he came in. He screamed WTF!! YOU SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY THAT!!! I said “I know” that’s why I’m hear. Anyways, I left and just devoted my time with Justin.

Aside from all the other stuff I have bought from Justin’s great site. I decided to really dive into the meat and potato’s of playing and finally join my 2 Worlds. So Grade 1 I started and now I at about grade 3 for my strumming but more like grade 8 for some of the other stuff.

I can NOT express how much fun I had with the live class!!! I was able to follow along no problem. As I understood some stuff from my advance stuff I have tinkered with.

In closing my main goal is to bridge my playing to become a fully advanced player in general, both rhythm and lead.

Have a great day everyone and see you all next live class.


Welcome Quadzilla!

How odd of the teacher to be disgruntled by that. I’d assume it’s especially the job of a good in-person teacher to help form individual curriculums.

Good on you that you found Justin’s course to form yourself an individual curriculum.

Wishing you fun and happy “shredding” along the way!

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Good story. Glad to have you. Can we call you The Enigma?

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Welcome to the forum Donald

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Another So Cal playa welcomes you! Hope to see you around the forum.

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Welcome from a neighbor to the south in Minnesota.

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:rofl: I’ve been called worse :joy: but sure :grin:

Helloooo I was born in Canada but grew up in Las Vegas…whorah!

Thank you everyone. I’ve been snooping for awhile but finally came out of the shadows…but the Shadow knows :laughing:

Anyone else local just starting out? The other side of my enigma always wants to jam :joy:.


Enigma :metal: :smiley:

Hello Donald and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

You’ll find we are a lot less antsy here.

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Hi Donald,

Welcome to the community great back story sounds like you have 50% nailed already sure your have the next 50% down pat.
Good luck

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Hello Donald, glad to have an enigma like me on board! We’re all very different so I guess you wouldn’t mind if I say that fingerpicking is easier than strumming for me and that Rhythm Guitar is not easier than Classical Guitar for me…love them both anyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::blush: I highly reccomend Justin’s Strumming SOS Course, I’ve started last month to work on Grade 2 and see all the goodness of it. Besides re-working your strumming fundamentals from zero will really help you!
See you around :blush:

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Welcome aboard, Donald! :slight_smile:

Man, some peeps should not work with other humans if they lose it that easy. :roll_eyes:
Glad it didn’t discourage you in total and you kept at guitar and bring both worlds together now. :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of fun on your journey!

Cheers - Lisa

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Welcome Donald :slight_smile:

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I hear you. For me the issue is finding the time. It’s hard enough these days to just click the record button and lay down some tracks. I may have to start recording practice sessions. :slight_smile:

Edit: Haha! I read Ontario California! Time for me to log off of the Interwebs. :roll_eyes:

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lol… I feel better already…however, after I post my homework it could be different lol

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I actually wanted to go back and change my intro post. As it comes across a bit crass. Sounding like I know what I’m doing. Like I said I fake it well … but I’m dug in for the long haul till I make that bridge between the two.

Oh yes my friend. Already got the strumming course on CD along with his Blues CD. Basically between the Strumming, online and live classes I hope to NOT be an enigma anymore lol…Have fun finger picking and Classical, good for you. Hard stuff I must say. I’m still working on Greensleeves. but other finger picking songs come at a much easier effort. Enigma all the way lol.

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Lets just say I won’t forget him…

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lol…buddy I sooooooooo wish I was still in Las Vegas!!! We would go over to California all the time. Disney Land and Laguna Beach were always my favorite.