Hello from Oslo, Norway

My name is Mads and I just started playing the guitar again after having let it gather dust for over a decade.

I first started back in 2008 and played quite consistently on a classical guitar for a couple of years. After picking it up again I found out what I really wanted was to play the electric guitar, so last week I bought myself a present in the form of a Fender strat, and I absolutely love it!

Right now I am doing the Intermediate Grade 5 course. With my skills being a bit all over the place after too much unstructured learning, it was hard to determine which course would be the best fit, but I believe I picked the right one.

In addition to following the official course I am currently having a go at Miss You by the Rolling Stones. I am using Justin’s video to learn it, and my goal is to be able to combine the rhythm part and a few licks effortlessly.

Having read the humorous posts about the suffering wives of this community, I am happy to inform you that I’ve added one to the club. Although I am married and have a toddler at home, I still find time to practise quite a lot in the evenings.

Aside from playing with my teacher for over 10 years ago, I have never had the chance to jam with someone, so if any of you are in or close to Oslo and want to jam, please send me a DM!


Oh man, I think the suffering wives thread was started by me :flushed:. Too much noise, not enough peace.

Sounds like you’ve had quite a bit of experience, would be great to see a video in the AVOYP section at some stage.

Welcome to the community.

The suffering wives thing gives the community a bit of flavour :grin:

I would really like to contribute with a video soon, just need to get more practice first! Watching others progress is really a good motivator for me.

Welcome to the Community, Mads. Always a delight to hear somebody coming back to guitar and loving it.

I’d suggest it may be worth your while to skip through the Grade 1-3 modules and lessons, given what you said about your unstructured learning. It may help ensure you have a solid foundation, either just through a refresh but also possibly closing one or two gaps you may have.

Look forward to Miss You in due course (as one of the Community Stones lovers)!

Hi Mads. Welcome to the community.
I came to Justin’s website with some prior knowledge and experience. I chose to start at Grade 1 and move through at whatever pace felt right. I’m glad that I did. I moved along relatively quickly, but there were skills and learning techniques that I picked up along the way that helped me build a better foundation. In addition, I was exposed to a number of songs that I otherwise would not have considered learning. During that period I also explored the various skills modules on the site so I was making progress on things I’m not very good at, e.g ear training and transcribing.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice to move through the courses starting with Grade 1, @DavidP and @nhh2oskr! I’m sure there are gaps in my knowledge that I’m not even aware of!

Wow, I see now that I have put myself under some pressure regarding the Stones tune. Now I definitely have to stick to it!

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Velkommen Mads.
Du har kommet til ett veldig bra forum med veldig mye bra folk. Bare god stemning og oppmuntring å få…

Sleng inn en video med den Stones låta, hadde vært kult å se deg spille.


Hei, og velkommen Mads!

I will send you DM regarding a jam in Oslo😃

Har forstått at det er veldig god stemning her ja @tRONd, noe som gjorde det fristende å bli med!

Hello Mads and welcome to this great community. :slight_smile:

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Hello Mads, a very warm welcome.
Mention of the Rolling Stones will have got @DavidP interested … and I strongly echo his encouragement to work through Grades 1-2-3 to ensure you have good foundational skills and good habits with no gaps. Do that alongside learning your dream songs!