Hello from RJ ... I couldn't be more excited to start!

My name is RJ. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I’m a 50 year old dad, husband, and generic corporate marketer…

Got the itch to learn something new months ago. Landed on guitar, which I have thought about learning for no less than 35 years… literally. Can’t believe I waited this long. Started looking around and found Justin’s site.

I’ve watched MANY videos over the past couple months while trying to figure out how and where to start. Justin’s lessons and videos (just his overall style of teaching) really helped further my commitment to learning. Finally found a guitar I liked, and am heading out to get it tonight. I am starting from literally scratch, and can’t remember being this excited since I was a kid. Looking forward to tracking my progress, meeting other members here, and figuring out what I’m doing.

Stay tuned…


Welcome, RJ, next a picture of the guitar, and then wish you well as you set off on the adventure that is learning to play.

Welcome Rj,

Stay enthusiastic and above all…have fun,

You people are talking about a new guitar…where? which? I don’t see a guitar :dizzy_face:…what?? without a picture it doesn’t exist :see_no_evil: … where is that picture of that new guitar… help!!! :exploding_head:


Welcome to the community RJ. That’s a great way to start your journey, finding a guitar that you like; it will be calling you to play it every time you glance at it.

We have a feature in the community, #community-hub:learning-logs, where members can create a Learning Log that shares aspirations, learning plans, progress, and details about instruments and gear. It may be a good idea to start your learning log from day 1. When you look back at it you will see how far you have come, the things you struggled with along the way but with dedicated practice and persistence overcame, how your musical interests have broadened etc.

Look forward to seeing photos of the new guitar and following your progress through the course.

Welcome! Enjoy your new guitar and guitar journey! :grinning:

Hi RJ,

You are never too old to start the journey of guitar. The Justin Guitar method is fantastic for learning. He really has a great and effective teaching method. I highly recommend following his course step by step. As soon as you can get the basics down with strumming and even timing, record yourself and track your progress. You will be surprised how quickly you see improvements. You don’t have to share it with anyone to start. Do not worry about what others are doing, compete with yourself. We are all looking forward to hearing your success story-you will get there! Take it one day at a time-take baby steps to improve. I always play at the beach when I can and lug my guitar everywhere. People love to hear you play so I suggest trying that when you can. Nobody covers their ears or complains and it will build your confidence. I will be going down to FL not far from you in about 3 weeks (Ft Myers Beach). I hope I can bring a guitar with to play on a new beach for a change. Loving your motivation. Take care

Jeff from San Diego, CA

Welcome to Justin Guitar RJ,

Best place to be mate to start your journey. Justin’s a brilliant teacher, and all round top bloke. This community has a great vibe, full of some wonderful people all helping each other out.
Stick close to Justins tuition, be kind to yourself, and reach out here anytime.
Looking forward to see you progress.
All the best.

Cheers, Shane

Welcome RJ, I think you’re going to enjoy it here.

Just remember that learning new things has no end point so just enjoy all the little victories you have along the way.
Looking forward to seeing your progress

Good Luck! Enjoy the journey!

Welcome RJ,

This guitar thing can be very addictive so good luck.
I too searched around for on-line guitar learning and landed on JG. I think it is fantastic.
One of the great things about Justin is he gives you permission to learn slow which I found pretty liberating as it sort of takes the pressure off if you feel it taking sometime for a skill or idea to cement. You just simply know it will come…eventually with practice.

Best of luck and above all enjoy

Hello RJ and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hopefully seeing the guitar you get.

Thanks everyone! Here is the guitar I ended up getting. Its a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard Pro I got for a great deal. Thought it was a great start… Loved how it looked, felt and sounded


That is one sweet looking guitar RJ. I love the colour.

Man, you’re going to have some sore fingers. :smiley:

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Hi Rj ,
Happy NGD :partying_face:
Very nice :sunglasses:
Greetings Rogier

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Hi RJ and welcome aboard!
Haha, thinking about it for 35 years, watching videos for months and finally getting your guitar.
You, good Sir, are the definition of delayed gratification :smiley:
May it bring you years of joy.
(@DavidP you didn’t sell your Blue Beast by any chance, did you? :wink:)

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Who knew that Vincent had a lost twin :rofl:

Enjoy, RJ

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Welcome, and congrats on the new guitar!
Learning the guitar is hard - but great fun, and nothing beats the feeling of rocking out to one of your favorite tunes! (from your pick of guitar I’m making a guess that you’re into some sort of rock :wink: )

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Hey Rj it’s the enthusiasm which will keep you going so keep it up!
First few weeks you probably won’t be able to play more than 3-5 mins in one go which is totally normal :smiley:
Congratulations on that sweet looking guitar and starting this journey!

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Hello RJ. Welcome to the Community. You’ve come to the right place (Justin’s website and beginners course plus community) for structured learning and a supportive group of fellow players.

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Hi and welcome @rjftrinity

Check this to get started! :smiley: Learn how to play guitar with JustinGuitar.com | JustinGuitar.com