Hello from Rob in Forton, Lancashire, UK

Hi Everyone. I’m a 55yr old & ageing rocker living in the NW of the UK. I consider myself to be a beginner-to-intermediate learner and been playing regularly for a couple of year now, although I’ve owned a guitar since I was 18! I’ve been hovering in and around the forum for a while but not saying much, just sucking up all the great advice from everyone. Maybe now with the renewed forum I’ll be a bit more proactive. Hope to chat with you all soon. R.


Welcome, Rob! The best thing you can do for yourself is to dig in and start doing the lessons from the beginning. I think you will amaze yourself and quickly get into the groove.
Best of luck.

Welcome onboard Rob. Good luck with your learning.

Welcome to the community Rob

Hello and welcome to the community Rob. :slight_smile:

Hi Rob thanks for the intro and welcome !

Great news you are planning to be more involved, so don’t be shy to pass on your own experiences to those coming up the road behind you ! It’s not only how we learn but how we pay it forward.



Thanks guys. Appreciate the responses :+1:

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Hi Rob and welcome to the community.

Hello Rob! Welcome! Good you see you here!

Hi Rob, Welcome!

From the NW of England also haha (originally, not now).

Hey Rob, great introduction, glad to meet you. You are in great company here, but you already realize that since you’ve been around the old forum for awhile. As @TheMadman_tobyjenner mentioned, I’m sure you have a lot of advice and experience you can share with the rest of us.