Hello from. Rook ... on the road, currently (an American in Japan)

Hi all! First post on the forum. Hoping I didn’t put it in the wrong place by accident, but when I hit the “post” button I guess we’ll find out.

Nice to meet you! I’m 23, which seems blisteringly young to most people who aren’t 23, I’m sure. Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I was until very recently a student at an American college with a pretty strong performing arts focus. The pros: some of my best friends are musicians. The cons: watching those people play and hearing that they’d been working on it since they were six convinced my anxious mind that it was too late for me to get on their level. Maybe I can write off being a rock star professionally, but after feeling a hole in my life that only learning music could fill for a few years now, I finally got sick of it. I went halves on an acoustic guitar a few weeks ago, splitting the cost and custody of it with a friend. It was secondhand and cheap and I am very enamored with it anyway. It fits neatly into a corner of the tiny dorm room I am currently camped out in… many, many miles away from the US, studying abroad in Japan. Funny time to pick up an instrument. (おはようございます!)

This community seems great! Everyone here is very kind-- and Justin’s voice is just so calming to listen to, does anyone else get that? Hopefully I finally realize my music-literacy dreams here, ha ha-- I’m posting right now to make myself a little more committed. Thank you all for being so welcoming.

Looking forward to the journey! Gonna stop typing on my post-practice achy fingertips.


Great story and welcome to the community. Always fascinated by the diversity in the introductions.

Talk to some people who are only 6 or 7 and you won’t feel blisteringly young :slight_smile:

Justin guitar helped me heaps when I first started playing over 10 years ago. His encouragement to practice every day and time your practice helped. The one minute chord changes made a big difference. His way of teaching the A chord so you have a single anchor finger to change between A E and D really worked. All that got me to playing my first song all the way through and I was hooked. It’s a lot of fun and just keeps rewarding me in so many ways. Good luck and hang in there.


Hi Rook and Welcome. :wave:

Yep you posted in the right place. I remember 23 I think, I was young at the time but as Tony intimated ancient to 6 and 7 year olds, who probably think I am a dinosaur now. Anyway age is just a number, its how you feel that counts but you are never to old to rock n roll (may have said that before).

Anyway jump on board and enjoy the ride.





Welcome Rook, enjoy the journey.


Hello Rook and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Just be glad you started at 23, I wanted to do it for years and didn’t commit until I was 50. I wish I’d have started at 23. Stick with it and it will bring you much joy. Enjoy your guitar journey.


Hi Rook,
Welcome and your a at the age on which you can easily still become a professional guitar player, you only need too really want it very much and to stay very / healthy in the right body places…I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:


Hello Rook, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:.
You’re right, you’re definitely not the oldest community member here, but also not the youngest :wink:. But you’re definitely young enough to fulfill many - If not all - of your guitar dreams :smiley:.
I wish you a wonderful guitar journey :grinning:.


Welcome! As far as I’m concerned, the best time to start learning is always now :smiley: Thank you for sharing your experience so far and how you came to find Justin and be part of the community here. I absolutely agree with you about how welcoming it is, as well as how great Justin is to listen to. Looking forward to hearing more about you!

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Good for you! How I wish I had started playing guitar at 23! By the time you reach the age where I started playing, you will have been playing for half your life! I will be very lucky if I reach the age where I can say that.


Hi and welcome
Don’t worry to much about those who have been playing since they were 6, just remember that when theory meets ability, ability always wins! You obviously have the ability and the passion, keep it going.


Hello Rook. A very warm welcome to the community. You’ve come to a great place. If you want help and encouragement it is here in abundance.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Moderator

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Pretty interesting, I started guitar at 23 myself… when I was studying abroad in Japan (also American). I currently live in Japan!