Hello from sah22

Hi Everyone!

Nice look! A little overwhelming. I might need a Justin Community course just to figure all this forum stuff out.

So, I’m 47 and started last year. I came to what I thought the forum was to post that after almost a year I’m going to start Grade 2. I’m sure a year seems too long for most, but I was faithful. I still am not so clean on chord changes, but I know what they are.

Last Christmas my kids were playing guitar and I felt left out. I then started with Justin. I even performed once with my 12 year old playing Free Falling in June. It was great. I’m hoping to jam with my other kids when they come home in a week for the holiday.

I’m hoping 47 wasn’t too late to start. I don’t know the proper timeline, but I hope to be able to do some guitar solos of my favorite songs within 5 years.

I also hope to be an active participant here.

Nice to meet you!


Welcome sah :grinning:

Never too late and what a gift you’ve given yourself. You’ve gone from feeling left out when your kids were playing guitar last Xmas, and now you’re ready to rock’n’roll with them. :guitar:

Hope to see more of you.

Thank you!

And I get to play on my new PRS Accoustic!

Nice to see you here sah, I remember sering you playing the song with your kid and it was absolutely fantastic. Really enjoyed it and hope to see more from you!

And don’t rush, enjoy the ride on your terms :slight_smile:

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47 is definitely not too old to start! Very cool that you played with your kid.

I’m also trying to figure out the new platform, so don’t worry, we’re all in the same boat. It’ll get easier, just like learning a new chord. :blush:

Good to see you here, Scott.

As others have said, it is never too late to start and pay absolutely no heed to the duration to complete anything.

The learning is an adventure and we all progress at our own pace. Just keep on keeping on, making progress, enjoying it, and all is well in the world.

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Hopefully not like the F chord, or B.

Nice to meet you!


Scott playing catch up on the meet and greet. Good to see you here and I remember the vid too :sunglasses:

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