Hello from Sean. I'm from Boston USA ... how the heck did I end up in Poland?

I’m Sean. I grew up near Boston during the great grunge days (graduated high school the year of Appetite for Destruction, and then University the same year as Nevermind, Blood Sugar Sex Magic, Achtung Baby, and Enter the 36 Chambers!) I’ve always messed about with singing and playing guitar but never took it seriously, never ever thought of myself as a musician, and never ever ever had the stones to play and sing with other people.

Fast forward 30 years. I’m now an expat divorced dad of an amazing 4-year-old daughter who is in love with Frozen and music, and from day 1 I knew I wanted to sing to her and make music for her. So this year I learned piano well enough to sing Ben Folds songs, and then got myself a cheap Fender acoustic and started from scratch with Justin’s lessons. I also got serious about singing lessons and discovered that my drunken karaoke voice can actually be used for real songs.

Now I’m loving the process and looking for people to play with. Since I’m old and American and in Warsaw, Poland, it’s not easy. So if anyone wants to meet online to play and sing through some old classics (I’m big on RHCP, Pearl Jam, acoustic covers of classics like FNM’s I Started a Joke, etc) hit me up



Hey Sean, great to meet you. My mother (of German descent) was born in Silesia so there is a connection to Poland. Very cool that you are playing for your daughter. I’ve been playing for my granddaughters and they seem to like it.

I was told at a campground jam that I should try an Eddie Vedder song as the young guy there reckoned my voice would suit songs he sang, didn’t find any Pearl Jam songs that spoke to me but did find Eddie’s song: Society. Happy to collaborate on that. I do it on acoustic in the key of Bm. I don’t do the lead, happy to stick with the rhythm.

nie ma za co



Hi Sean,
Welcome and i wish you a lot of fun and a long beautiful path to learn guitar/music :sunglasses:


Welcome. Very eclectic music. 90’s had great tunes.
“I started a joke” one of my favorite covers. Mike Patton has a great voice. The original is awesome my parents had the original Bee Gees record are used to listen to before I even heard of FNM. I really like the Bee Gees before they turned into disco. Throw in a little Wu-Tang that’s never too bad.


Hello Sean, and a warm Welcome to the community :hugs:. I started playing the guitar this year, as well. And I also have younger kids at home. But due to fact that my favourite music is not their’s, they’re not so fond of listening :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:.
I wish you lots of fun along your guitar journey :grinning:.


Welcome aboard the Guitartrain!

I toyed around with a guitary version of Ben Folds “Still Fighting it.” My vocals are somewhere between “Kermit the frog” and “Mr Ed the talking horse” on a a respirator – so I almost hurt myself trying to sing that one. Love me some Ben, but tough for me to cover or stylize.


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Hello and welcome Sean :wave:t3:

Happy playing and singing for your daughter - and of course yourself :smiley:


Hello Sean and welcome! If you want to share music with your daughter you might want to check Justin’s Ukulele/Guitar Children Songs Books. I bought a little Uke just the other day to play with my kindergarden pupils and I’m amazed how easy it is…it took no time to play already a couple of songs, and it sounds so cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: See you around :blush:


Welcome, Sean! That was a cool intro. That’s a great motivation to teach yourself piano and now guitar! I hope you are able to find people to play with :guitar:

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Welcome Sean. Enjoy your guitar journey. I also love to play for my kids, it’s such a great thing to share with them. Have fun!


Hi Sean great to meet you, I am on the other hand a Polish expat in the UK :smiley: glad to have you here and hopefully you’ll manage to find someone to jam with! Pozdrawiam!


Hello Sean and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

It is always nice to have something to drive us, it keeps the dream alive.


Hello Sean, a warm and belated welcome to the community.
Wanting then learning to play and sing to make music for your daughter … now there’s inspiration and a heart-warming story.
May you both enjoy many happy years of musical togetherness.
If you need anything around here or the website just ask.
Cheers :smiley:
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