Hello from SgtAuto - glad to be here. Hoping for some helpful direction, and perhaps lend a hand

Lurked on the old forum, posted some on the lessons. Been through beginner course 1,2, stumbled through 3 and starting theory and stage 4. Do feel like I can actually say I can play now. Just not play too great :slight_smile: Been kind of stumbling for more learning direction to go through. I think my problem is I like too many styles to pick a direction. Supper excited for the new stage 3 redo. Hoping its will help focus my learning. Or teach me how to focus skills for more productive practice.
Will be interesting to see how the community folds into the lessons. Hopefully we can help each other.

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Welcome @SgtAuto ! don’t hesitate to get involved and to ask deedback or a 2nd opinion. That’s why we’re here!

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Welcome Sgt :smiley: glad you’re here.

Welcome Sgt Arnold good of you to join us. :wave:

I can see that there will be an overlap from the website to the Community, as there was in the “old” Forum before the website was updated along with the Beginners Course, when each lesson had a link to its own thread on the forum. If you drill down the Categories relating the courses you will pretty much see an entry for each module. So you can tie questions to lesson.

So folk will be asking questions and all the wonderful folk here will make them warmly welcome and provide the answers. Simples.



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Glad to have you here sarge! We seem to be about at the same spot. I haven’t quite started grade 4 and am taking me sweet time to consolidate, work on the triad music theory stuff, and get a few songs better under my belt.

I hear what you say about feeling a little aimless as there are just too many cool pathways available for learning.

If we spread ourselves too thin, though, we will not feel we are progressing.

I try to remind myself that there is plenty of time to learn and to pick a few things at a time.

I am working on some finger style tunes, early classical technique and songs I am trying to solidify. Along with the course content t.

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Welcome to the Community.
New Grade 3 coming very soon.

Good to meet you here, SgtAuto.

I understand that in time the JG website lessons and those Community will be integrated in time. The lesson discussions hosted on Disqus will become integated with this Community platform, that will make for a more seamless experience.

@LievenDV @Richard_close2u am I on the money? And if so, any sense of timing?

I was privileged to have a lesson with Justin and one of the tips he gave me was to focus on just one or two things (this was after I’d completed the old BC and had so many possibilities and likes). Do this for a time-boxed period, he suggested 3 months, then review. This is enough time to make some meaningful progress. And then you can decide to either continue or pivot. In my case I started the Folk fingerstyle module, rather than more work on rhythm or lead play.

Look forward to following your progress here.

Pretty much on the ball @DavidP

I went to Grade 1 lesson on the D chord.
Under the video is the Discussion button.
Clicking it opens this up.

It is fine to add a comment in such a space. It will automatically be added to the relevant thread within the Community discussion boards and go here:

Very cool that’s what I had hoped. Thanks!


I don’t exactly know what style I’ll wind up with either; I’m in BC1, building the basics and taking my time doing it. I really like ambient synth music (I have a synth and drum machine I like making sounds with), so I know that’ll figure into the equation somewhere, but I also enjoy good old rock, so who knows? I feel like the style will develop as my skill level increases and I realize what can be done.

Hi burnspot.! Ambient synth, uh o… there’s a new form to go chase. Ironically I just stumbled on some 2 days ago, first I had herd of it. Very cool! Takes me back to the shows we would go to at the planetarium where they would through up stars and laser light shows with lots of Pink Floyd.

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