Hello from Shanghai - David here

Hi everyone. I’m David, from the UK but have been living abroad for many years and currently call Shanghai, China my home. In the unlikely event you live in Shanghai and fancy meeting up for a jam from time to time, let me know!

I started playing guitar when I was university but didn’t have any lessons or really much guidance or direction so progress was limited and I stopped playing until my early 30s. Since then I’ve been guitar mad, again!

I play acoustic more than electric, even though most of what I listen to is hard rock and metal. My current guitar collection is:

  • Furch Yellow GC-SR
  • Martin Dreadnought Jr.e
  • Epiphone SG classic P90s
  • A very cheap Tanglewood concert-sized acoustic

And hopefully before too long a nice OM or 000, probably an Eastman.


Great to have you here with us, David

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Hi David, welcome to the community, nice to have you here!

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Nice collection; now we are all curious to see/hear you playing them as well :wink:

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Good to meet you David and looing forward to hearing more about you and from you :slight_smile:

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Hello and welcome aboard David. :slight_smile:

I’ve already enjoyed one of your recording and I’m looking forward to more.

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Hello David, welcome to the community. I see you have already discovered the AVOYP section. Look around and explore, there is so much here and a strong community ethos with the pay-it-forward spirit, mutual support and encouragement. Good to have you. Cheers :slight_smile: Richard

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