Hello from Shell in Herefordshire, England

I spent most of my childhood in Swinton, so know the East Lancs very well. Have not had time to be bored being retired. I was 9 in '76 too.

Re: @Shell Hey, i’m a girl, i like pretty guitars!

It has nothing to do with being a girl. I’m a boy and I like pretty guitars, too.
I have a HoneyBurst LP that makes me smile every time I pick to up to play.

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Hi Shell,

Welcome to the community not been active here myself long like you took the plunge to say hi and now also need to be brave and post something of me playing or should I say attempting to play, :roll_eyes: hope to see you post some thing soon.


Hello Amanda. Thank you for the welcome. Lovely to hear from you. I am a bit shy about my playing. If I’m asked to play anything other than at home i instantly forget everything! I am looking to get an upgraded acoustic and i don’t know what to get (so many guitars…) so i’ve become a regular visitor to my local guitar shop and i sit in there and just play, trying to choose and to get more confident in public. I saw in another post that you were looking at looper pedals. Did you get one? I’m looking at those too. Shell

Hi Shell.
Welcome from a fellow Herefordian. Looking forward to seeing your videos :blush:

Hi Shell, your welcome. No unfortunately had to spend some of the money for the looper peddle on the car service that was more expensive than I expected, well gives me a bit more time to decide and practice other stuff.
Know the feeling as I said in my introduction post got given a guitar by a friend said you play and mind went blank so know exactly how you feel.
Good that you can go to your local guitar shop and feel welcome to play and try mine is really not that sort of place feel so unconfutable in there and as welcome as a hand grenade.
Let us know what you decide on and hopefully see you post something I also still not done this so working on building courage also take care. A

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Hi Julie, thanks for the message. I saw your video and was well impressed. Well done! You have a lovely voice and i haven’t heard that song for ages so it was good to hear it again. You’ve made loads of progress with your guitar since you started. Very impressive. Keep on strumming. :grin:

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